HPI Teams with Bellmont High School Students for Super Milage Challenge

The Super Mileage Challenge is held annually by the Indiana Math Science Technology and Engineering Alliance. It challenges teams to build a one-person, fuel efficient vehicle based around a one-cylinder, four-cycle engine. Last semester Catherine Sondgerath’s Bellmont High School students spent 5-6 weeks developing a detailed design proposal that included calculations for rolling friction, aerodynamic drag, and cornering forces. Their design concept is based on having a light weight, low friction vehicle that is aerodynamic and evenly distributes weight between its three tires. This year the challenge is being held on April 28th at the Lucas Oil Raceway.

Hoosier Pattern and Goldshield helped by taking the 3D CAD model the students created, made a mold and made their fiberglass body. Hoosier Pattern also helped with making some of the custom parts. Money received from the Adams County Community foundation was used to help buy the engine, spare parts and tires. Bellmont High School also received donations from K-K Tool and Pretzels Inc. This is Catherine and the students’ first year competing in the competition. She had this to say about the project,  “It has been a great learning experience and challenge which we have all enjoyed. We greatly appreciate all of the community support as this project would have been impossible without our sponsors.”

 Here are the names of everyone in the photos:

 Left to right: Back row: Catherine Sondgerath Bellmont HS teacher, HPI’s  Phillip Bauman, Ryan Seddelmeyer, and Todd Yoder. Jeff Newport, Tom Westerlund, Jeff Condon, Brandon Brown, Korbin Marbaugh, Jerry Hart, Drake Gillespie, Alec Grose, Denver Smith, Alex Johnson. Front row: Justin Blanford, Dee Girod, Mason Averill, Mason Mendez, Parker Burkhalter, Austin Garrison, Spencer Morris