3D Sand Printing Pump Components

Making the Best Pump Components

We supply molds and cores for centrifugal pumps, water, sewage pumps, turbine pumps, transfer pumps, fluid flow pumps, and the list goes on! Hoosier Pattern works hard to provide manufacturing components for industrial and commercial pumps.

3d sand printing cleaning process

Why Choose 3-D Sand Printing to Make Your Next Pump Component

3d sand printed pump component

1. Time Saved 

Within two weeks of submitting a product order to Hoosier Pattern, a sand mold of a pump part is made and is ready to ship to the customer’s preferred foundry. No time is wasted waiting on foundries to make changes to account for changes. Hoosier Pattern uses the latest technology from the start so castings can be made quicker and products can reach customers sooner.

Hoosier Pattern employee working on 3d sand printed product

2. Cost-Effective

Have a complex pump? Hoosier Pattern promises its customers that there will be no extra charge for complex pump geometries. Additional costs take place when customers want next-day service. We have the resources to make that happen for our customers, but it will result in a slight upcharge.

Hoosier Pattern employee working on 3D pump casting component

3. Detailed Designs

When working with Hoosier Pattern, there is no need to sacrifice design for manufacturability. Complex core designs are 3D printed as one piece, thus reducing or eliminating assembly errors and foundry casting defects. No internal fins or mismatches. This process allows the foundry to gate, add risers and feed the casting in the best possible way to produce the optimal casting. The freedom of pump design allows the foundry to manufacture a pump component casting, which is a considerable advancement for the industry. Complex pump component castings produced quickly and at a known cost are why pump manufacturers turn to 3D printing as the solution to pump casting problems.

  • Most lead times are 10 business days but can be expedited for an additional fee.
  • If we do not have to clean the core and can print the part in a printed box and you can extract the part, the cost is $0.11/cubic inch with a normal lead time of 1 week. Hoosier Pattern does have a minimum printing charge of $450, and packaging material and shipping are an additional charge.