3D Sand Printing

Benefits of Additive Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art 3D Sand Printing technology allows our customers to develop integrated molds and cores that can often avoid the tooling process, thus reducing costs and lead times. At Hoosier Pattern, we are the industry leader in additive manufacturing, and we’re constantly setting the bar high to exceed our customers’ expectations. With five in-house 3D Sand Printers and our highly experienced team members, Hoosier Pattern continues to deliver the industry’s best molds and cores daily and every day.

Hoosier Pattern employee cleaning a 3d printed item

True Design Freedom

We are confident that you will want to experience firsthand what our 3D sand printer can do for you. We encourage you to contact us to see what our team can do for your next project.

Hoosier Pattern employee dusting off 3d printed product

From Design to Reality without the Middleman

Design and print geometrically complex products, bypassing tooling fabrication to create the core or mold, typical of conventional casting methods.

Hoosier Pattern employee clening 3d printed piece

Drastically Reduce Lead Times

With dramatically increased design freedom and the ability to scale production volumes easily, delivery can happen in days — not weeks or months.

Hoosier Pattern employees discussing the 3d printing process

One of the World’s Largest Printing Job Boxes

Our 3D sand printer’s job box has a build envelope of 70.86 x 39.37 x 27.56 inches. This lets us effortlessly scale your project up.

Hoosier Pattern employee reviewing the rapid prototyping mold

Jonathan Thomas, Magnuson Products, LLC.

Hoosier Pattern has been an excellent resource for our rapid prototyping mold needs. Just the idea of a 3D-printed core is awesome, but the team at Hoosier has perfected the process making the whole experience awesome! The price, turnaround time, and customer service cannot be beaten. For all your rapid prototyping mold needs, look no further than Hoosier Pattern!

Print Sand Casting Molds & Cores Directly from CAD

Hoosier Pattern’s 3D sand printers selectively dispense resin onto thin layers of specially engineered sand. This process produces accurate, uniform cores and molds, significantly reducing lead time. If you can design it, we can build it.

Hoosier Pattern employee examining print sand casting mold
Hoosier Pattern employee inspecting 3d print sand printing machine part

Our Team Can Help Bring Your Designs to Life

Do you have a project but don’t have the resources to model it? Hoosier Pattern has an experienced CAD team passionate about precise, efficient design. The team at Hoosier Pattern has the experience of working with foundries for decades. We apply our knowledge to projects that run on small squeezer lines to assemble molds the size of a compact car. We have even printed mold sections that are used in a mold the size of a full-size van.

Incorporating Technology

Since our industry never stays static, incorporating the latest updates, technological equipment, and practices allow us to streamline our production process by providing our customers with the best molds and cores. Therefore our staff and management team are constantly testing innovations and approaches to further our future product development.

An example of our employees researching new ideas and technologies is at the CastExpo, where our employees observed recent discoveries, and each team reported their observations. Please click here to learn more about CastExpo — the Future of Metalcasting and how Hoosier Pattern members experienced this conference.

Below is a video explaining how our 3D Sand Printers can turn designs into realities.

Breaking the Mold

Are you interested in understanding the benefits that 3D-printed sand has versus traditional tooling? Then click here to view our in-depth infographic that clearly outlines our entire process from concept to completion. This graphic begins with our CAD process and how that mold or core design will fit appropriately into our job box. Next is the printing process, where the job box is loaded. The mixture of binder on the media creates multiple thin layers to eventually form the mold or core.

After the printing is complete, the job box rests for an hour to ensure the application is appropriately bonded together. When finished, the mold or core is extracted from the job box, and a vacuum removes the loose media. Next, the product goes to our cleaning room, where each piece is cleaned and audited with our two-part check system. Once the part passes our audit, the final product is packed and safely shipped off to its destination.

To read more about our quality check process, please click here.

explanation of HPI mold designs
3d sand printing vs traditional tooling

About Our Company and Team

Hoosier Pattern has been on the cutting edge of innovation for over two decades. We’re consistently raising the bar in our industry while maintaining the highest quality for our customers. In 2013, Hoosier Pattern was the first top service center to own and operate a 3D sand printer in the United States. Today, we have five 3D sand printers in-house and over 25 machining centers.

Hoosier Pattern started in 1997 in a 3,500-square-foot space with just a couple of machining centers. Currently, we operate a 90,000-square-foot facility with state-of-the-art technology, allowing us to take on jobs from various customers across multiple industries.

Our management and team members understand our customer’s demand for expedient delivery times, and product excellence is a must. This expectation is the driving force behind our day-to-day operations. We have always been committed to “On Time Delivery” to keep up with the strict timelines that our customers demand.

Please take a moment and check out our highly trained and talented team. Click here to view our Employee Spotlight, and you will see firsthand how each team member plays a part in delivering the highest quality products and services.

At Hoosier Pattern we win, when you win.

With our 3D sand printing process, customers can expect a 10-day turnaround time on many of our projects and have the ability to ship products quickly if needed. Our foundry tooling and 3D printed sand follow Hoosier Pattern’s rigorous quality-control systems throughout each stage to ensure the industry’s highest possible standards.

Please click here to view our five-part video series to learn more about Hoosier Pattern’s culture and how we exceed our client’s expectations.