We Are Hoosier Pattern

Hoosier How-to Video Series

Welcome to Hoosier Pattern’s How-to video series. Over the years, our patrons have asked us questions about the techniques and procedures we have completed throughout our various projects. To better serve our customer’s needs and answer any production-related issues they might run into, we have developed our How-to video series to help serve your needs. If you have any additional How-to video requests, please email Randi, our Social Media, and Marketing Coordinator.

Hoosier How-to Series: Cleaning 3D Printed Molds to Avoid Erosion and Casting Defects

Cleaning unbound sand off and out of 3D printed sand molds and cores takes some patience and attention to detail. Luckily, the Hoosier Pattern team has nailed down the techniques and tricks to ensure the 3D printed sand that leaves our facility is flawless and won’t affect the end casting. This video shows you some of the right and wrong techniques to ensure a defect-free casting.

Hoosier How to Series: Harvesting 3D Printed Cores from Inside a Printed Box

Sometimes, 3D printed components are too fragile to be extracted from the job box, cleaned, and shipped to the foundry. We 3D print the cores INSIDE of a 3D printed box where all the loose supporting sand on the inside acts as extra padding and protection throughout the extraction and shipping process. This video shows you how to open that 3D printed box and what NOT to do during the process.

Hoosier How To Series: Cleaning a Business Card Holder Mold

This video will show you the step-by-step process of extracting and cleaning a business card holder mold from a printed box from start to finish. It will walk you through the initial process of cutting open the box properly and how to effectively clean the loose sand off the surface and the hard-to-reach areas before carefully placing the mold back together before pouring.