Creating a Pattern of Excellence

Tackling an "out of the box" design concept has never been easier.
HPI has the people, the technology and the expertise to meet your most challenging projects.

Delivering a Pattern of Excellence

Over the years, HPI has built great relations in the manufacturing industry and invested in new equipment to provide unparalleled service. Known for quality workmanship and “On Time Delivery,” HPI has gained recognition as a premier pattern shop.

Our Team

HPI believes that a company is only as good as its employees. HPI employs almost 50 men and women, and we always strive to support their development as they support HPI's. Check out a list of our team members and read about what makes them unique.


HPI is constantly expanding our building and upgrading our technology to better serve our customers. With constant improvements and upgrades, HPI is always thinking about how they can better serve customers by being able to tackle any job given to them.

Delivering a Pattern of Excellence

Hoosier Pattern has been an innovator in the industry and continues to set the bar high. Hoosier Pattern is currently the only shop in the United States to own and opperate a 3-D sand printer in-house. HPI is constantly growing and expanding to meet customers' needs and shows no signs of slowing down. The depth of knowledge that our team has, along with the fact that we are constantly upgrading technology, gives us the ultimate upper hand.

Learn Our History
Subtractive Manufacturing

Hoosier's facility is filled with machinery to meet any subtractive manufacturing needs your job has.

  • (18) Vertical and (3) Horizontal Machining Centers
  • (2) CNC Lathes
  • EDM
  • Shrink In Tooling
  • Manual CMM
Additive Manufacturing

If additive manufacturing is what your job needs, Hoosier has the tools to get the job done. 

  • Ex-One S-Max™ 3-D Sand Printer
  • Stratasys Fortus 450mc -FDM Printer
Midwest Craftsmanship You'll Rely On

Hoosier Pattern employees take pride in the work they do and the quality of any job that leaves the shop reflects that dedication to quality. The depth of knowledge that the HPI team has gives them an edge on the competition.

Exceeding Expectations: Our Commitment to You

We strive for excellence on every job we take, and to us "on-time delivery" means just that. If we promise it, we deliver no matter what the cost.