CNC Machining Apprenticeship

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In our five-year program, you will learn how to operate manual mills and lathes, CMM and laser scanners, program machining centers, understand tooling, and more.

Hoosier Pattern is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor for our apprenticeship program, consisting of 10,000 working hours over a five-year timeframe and twelve classes taken at IVY Tech Community College. Apprentices generally start in the shop, helping set up jobs in the CNC machining centers.

Shortly after, they will learn how to bench and assemble tooling. While rotating in the benching department, apprentices will learn how to properly operate manual mills and lathes. Further into their program, as they progress, they will rotate into the quality room and begin learning how to operate the CMM and laser scanner.

In the third to fourth year, an apprentice will be able to start learning to program the machining centers using Cimatron. In the fifth year, after learning about tooling and Cimatron, they will be introduced to modeling tooling.

Hoosier Pattern employee working at tool bench

Upon completion of their apprenticeship, the new journeymen will be utilized throughout the shop in every department they are needed. Eventually, they will settle into a department where their skills, passion, and company needs are met. For some, it may be the benching/rigging department, and for others, it may be the CAM or CAD department. Wherever the new journeyman starts, they will be encouraged to continue to grow in their knowledge, making them a more valuable asset to Hoosier Pattern.

Skills Required

  • Basic math
  • Blueprint reading
  • Basic measuring skills
  • Basic welding
  • Problem-solving
  • Be able to communicate effectively
  • Understand manufacturing terminology – radius, diameter, centerline, etc.
Hoosier Pattern employee demonstrating for the cnc machining apprenticeship

Our Alumni

Recent Norwell High School graduate Kyle Rittmeyer is following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps at Hoosier Pattern as an apprentice patternmaker. He has found that working in an environment that is family-oriented and with people who share his same passion is very beneficial.

— Kyle Rittmeyer, Apprentice Patternmaker

Jim discovered how much he enjoyed Computer-Aided Design or CAD while taking industrial classes in high school and was given the opportunity later in life to revisit it. He began working for Hoosier Pattern where he continues to learn with the technology constantly evolving and becoming more efficient.

— Jim Geimer, Apprentice Patternmaker

Brandon came to Hoosier Pattern with no previous experience in the Patternmaking industry. When a position became available it was the right time for him to make a career change. Being a small pattern shop and family-oriented, Hoosier Pattern quickly became a great fit for him.

— Brandon Fourman, Apprentice Patternmaker

Van Wert High School graduate Nate Chavarria began his career in high school by working part-time for a company that had an onsite pattern shop and foundry. While working at the shop, Nate realized his passion for the industry and eventually began working as a full-time Journeyman Patternmaker for Hoosier Pattern. Nate has found his work in an industry that is constantly evolving with new technology extremely rewarding.

— Nate Chavarria, Journeyman Patternmaker

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With our ongoing efforts to continually find the best candidates for our apprenticeship program, Hoosier Pattern is proud to partner with the Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance (AWMA) to help with these efforts. Click below to learn more.

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