Exclusive Offer from HPI at the 119th Metalcasting Congress

A week from today, The 119th Metalcasting Congress will kick off in Columbus, Ohio at the Greater Columbus Convention Center and Hoosier Pattern will be at booth #104 with an exclusive offer.

Hoosier Pattern is offering 25% off sand printing for those that stop at our booth.*

*Limited number of certificates available


Hoosier Pattern’s Dave Rittmeyer will be presenting at this year’s Casting Congress with his presentation on rapid prototyping entitled, “How Fast is Fast and Why Do I Need Tooling”.  Dave will also be leading a panel during the workshop entitled, “Printing Your Future in 3D”.

Rapid Prototyping…”How Fast is Fast and Why Do I Need Tooling”
Dave Rittmeyer, Hoosier Pattern Inc., Decatur, Indiana

When: Wednesday April 22
Time: 3:35pm
Where: Room C211-212

You need prototype or low volume production castings? Do you need tooling to make those castings?  There are options available to produce those castings that are time saving and cost saving when a few factors are taken into account.  These new options may allow you to bypass tooling, have a shorter lead time and complete the project under budget.  Are you exploring these options or are you using the same methods that have always been in place at your organization?  We will review the four main factors that should be consider before you build tooling to produce your prototype or low volume casting.

Printing Your Future in 3D

When: Monday April 20
Time: 1p-4:30

Plan to arrive the day before the Metalcasting Congress to attend a free workshop on additive manufacturing. Our industry is being transformed by the technology which enables printing of sand cores and molds, wax patterns and tooling directly from 3D CAD files. The technology is currently being used in many applications including prototypes, reproduction of antique automotive parts and other complex and lower volume production components.  During this workshop speakers will present the key aspects of the technology, latest research and advancements, how the technology can promote and enhance design freedom and product improvement. The workshop will be highlighted by presentations and a panel discussion by several foundries on how they are using the technology to expand markets, reduce lead time and improve cost.  At the end of the workshop from 4:30-5:00 discussion will be held to help form the first AFS ad-hoc committee on Additive Manufacturing.


The countdown until the 119th Metalcasting Congress is on!  See you at booth #104!