Read what customers are saying about Hoosier Pattern!

Hoosier pattern is a valued vendor.  The printed sand cores and molds are shipped quick, accurate and of great quality. 

The service and quality we receive from Hoosier allows us to improve casting quality with CAD perfect cores, and to support trials and sample castings with patternless molds and cores.

The team at Hoosier is great to work with and they provide valued advice and feedback on our printed sand projects.

Kevin Lucas, SFO Foundry Engineer, Goulds Pumps, ITT Inc.
Gould's Pumps

We have partnered with Hoosier Pattern on four projects in the last nine months. The people at Hoosier use their experiences with 3-D printing and pattern making to insure all the right question are asked up front to insure success every time.  Every project has arrived intact, when promised.

Hoosier Pattern has been outstanding to work with. 

Tim Maurina, Casting Engineer, CA Lawton Co
CA Lawton

Hoosier Pattern has been an excellent resource for our rapid prototyping mold needs. Just the idea of a 3D printed core is awesome, but the team at Hoosier has perfected the process making the whole experience awesome! The price, turnaround time, and customer service cannot be beat. For all your rapid prototyping mold needs, look no further than Hoosier Pattern!

Jonathan Thomas, Magnuson Products LLC
Magnuson Products LLC

I love working with Hoosier Pattern because of the amount of technology that they implement on every job from 3D sand printing to scanners to the best CNC’s on the market. They also have some of the best personal in the foundry and tooling field working there. Between the staff and technology, Hoosier Pattern is at the top of their field. Hoosier’s one-on-one relationship with their customers is outstanding, you can call anytime to ask a simple or complex question and if they don’t know the answer they will use there massive amount of resources to help you solve your problem. One of our most recent projects was taking old closed impeller core boxes, scanning them to create a model and then reverse engineered it to produce 3D printed cores. In doing so Plymouth Foundry has gone from 85% in-house scrap due to the old core boxes on the closed impellers to < 1% scrap.

Jim Keefer, Production Manager, Plymouth Foundry, Inc.
Plymouth Foundry, Inc

Thank you for your help with our first venture into 3D printed molds and cores and making this process go as smooth as possible. Now that we have a bit of experience and knowledge thanks to Hoosier Pattern, we will feel much more comfortable with future projects.  We could not have chosen a better company to partner with.

Steve Swisher, General Sales Manager, Aluminum Alloys
Aluminum Alloys

Working with Hoosier was such a pleasure and they were so accommodating that we already knew before the prototypes were done that we would want to work with them to create the production tooling for the project. It didn't hurt to tour the facilities and witness first hand the operation. Their facility is full of state of the art machining stations, high quality tooling and talented people.

Ted Burdett, Co-Owner, Strand Design
Strand Design

Hoosier Pattern is very easy to work with.  Their design people are extremely knowledgeable and they work hand in hand with us to make sure all data is complete, precise,  and understood.  As an Engineering Manager, I appreciate every tool they build for us and the knowledge that it will be correct.

Howard House, Product Engineering Manager, Ravenna Ductile Iron / Metal Technologies Inc.
Ravenna Ductile Iron / Metal Technologies Inc.

Since Hoosier Pattern’s inception 13 years ago, they have been servicing Metal Technologies.  Initially Hoosier produced a small portion of Metal Technologies tooling requirements.  Through the years, Hoosier continued to grow their volume of business with MTI to become our leading supplier of tooling.  Hoosier’ growth can be attributed to their staff’s expertise, their exceptional quality level, competitive pricing, on time delivery, and service.  Through these years, Hoosier has continued to add capabilities that provide their Customers the services they require.  This includes laser scanning, laser printing technology, installations to allow manufacture of pattern plates, heat treat, computer hardware and software, additional machining centers, and building expansion.  Having worked with numerous pattern shops during my career, I would rate Hoosier at the top.  While many of these shops have provided good service and quality, there were few that match the quality, service, and support which Hoosier Pattern has provided.

Dan Schellhase – Metal Technologies
Metal Technologies

We have been dealing with Hoosier Pattern since the mid-1990's.  They have always provided timely, professional service with a true concern that they get it right the first time. We look forward to many more years of partnering with them and it is my pleasure to recommend them.

Mike Roselle, Core Tech Inc.
Core Tech Inc.

Hoosier pattern takes pride and owner ship in the work they provide and they work as part of our team.

Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication, Keith and Hoosier Pattern!

Chris Fetters, Engineering Manager, METAL TECHNOLOGIES
Metal Technologies