Hoosier Pattern Pour

Join us on June 9 and 10 at Hoosier Pattern!

Hoosier Pattern Pour

Welcome to our first annual event

The Hoosier Pattern Pour event is Friday, June 9th through Saturday, June 10th, on Hoosier Pattern’s premises in Decatur, Indiana. This gathering focuses on local and regional artists showing off their skills by creating art using molten iron metal. Hoosier Pattern is partnering with Evolution Art Studio, FeLion Studios, and KRL Metal Arts Studios for this event.

Our goal: is to involve local community members, students, adults, and artists to learn and create art using molten iron.

Mold being poured

About Hoosier Pattern Pour and how you can be part of this two-day event

Black tables and chairs inside the Hoosier Pattern facility

Friday Workshop, Create your molds

On Friday, we will have two workshops led by instructors from
10 AM to 12 PM and 1 to 3 PM. These workshops will be inside the Hoosier Pattern facility. During the workshop, students will learn how to scratch a 3D-printed sand mold for their project.

This event is on the same day as the Decatur Sculpture Tour on Friday, June 9th. We hope many of these artists from this Sculpture Tour will come and participate in our iron pour.

Person wearing blue hard hat while pouring a mold

Saturday — Pour your molds

On Saturday, participants will see these molds being staged, and starting at noon, the trained staff will pour iron into these molds. These festivities will be open to the public. A food truck and beer & wine will be available for purchase – everyone is welcome!

Image Gallery — provided by FeLion Studios

Interested and want more information?

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