The New 360 Virtual Tour Kiosk!

At Hoosier Pattern, we take pride in our trade show booths. Whether it’s the 10×20 booth, the 10×10 booth, or the massive 20×20 booth, we have always spent many hours figuring out which specific items will go into our booths. Typically, we set up booths anywhere from four to five times a year all over the country. After setting up at each show, we wonder how we can make our booths even better and more appealing for our customers.

This pandemic has disrupted our 2020 trade show plans by canceling all our shows after the COVID outbreak hit the U.S. But these unforeseen events haven’t thrown a wrench in our trade show booth plans. With our 360 Virtual Tour’s success found on our website:, we wanted to find a way to bring the tour with us to shows.

This got us thinking, “what if we purchase a kiosk that allows customers to explore Hoosier Pattern’s shop from their fingertips using our virtual tour?”

To make this project a reality, Hoosier Pattern reached out to “GoToKiosk,” located in Monroe, Indiana. After visiting their offices and looking through various kiosks, we ultimately decided to design our own kiosk with the GoToKiosk team’s help. After a couple of months of production, the Hoosier Pattern 360 Virtual Tour kiosk was delivered to our front door!

Our new kiosk will be an exciting feature to our trade booths. Users will be able to see the wide variety of areas, including our collection of CNC machines, all four of our 3D sand printers, and the sand printing cleaning area.

We look forward to the 2021 trade show season, where we will be bringing this exciting piece of technology to every show with us!