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The Fourneau Bread Oven Has Been Backed!

Congratulations to Strand Design, in Chicago, and their Fourneau Bread Oven for getting fully backed on Kickstarter! Hoosier Pattern had the pleasure of helping make the protoype molds for the Forneau Bread Oven with our 3D sand printers. With 15 days left in it's Kickstarter campaign, The Fourneau Oven hit its goal of $90,000. Our president and owner, Keith Gerber is a backer of this project and we know he can't wait to start using it and bringing in fresh bread for his employees... right, Keith? 


Again, congratulations to Strand Design and their Fourneau Bread Oven! It was a pleasure being a part of this project. 

Want to become a backer of the Fourneau Oven or simply know more about it? Click Here

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