Scouring The World For News About 3D Printing and Other Cool Stuff

In our never ending search for cool news about 3D printing and foundry related information, we have two sites for you to check out.

Spin Casting Miniature Soldiers 

Our first site comes from Foundry Management & Technology Magazine, and it features a great video on spin casting miniature soldiers by an Australian entrepreneur  who shows us what he’s learned about melting, molding design and casting in the effort to start a new business. Check out the video:

A Free 3D Print File Health & Science Library from the National Institute of Health

Our second link comes from Live Science,  a great website that spotlights new technology across all industries and disciplines. This article discusses a new website, launched by the National Institutes of Health:

People can now download, share and edit files for use in 3D printers from a new government website. The site has files that can be used to create models of anything from a human brain to deadly viruses.

The website, launched by the National Institutes of Health, is called the NIH 3D Print Exchange, and contains a library of files that a 3D printer can read and print. The files all relate to health and science; the available files include models of a human femur bone, the West Nile virus and a white matter section of the brain.

Users can also share their own files, edit exiting ones or create files using a tool that converts scientific data into ready-to-print 3D files.

Check out their video:

If you’ve been looking for files to 3D print your very own brain; this is for you. Enjoy!