Sand Printing’s Side Benefit

Hoosier Pattern, Inc.'s ExOne S-Max 3D Sand Printer has such a large job box, we can often print fun little projects like this foundryman figurine, at no time cost to the client. Sand Printing’s Side Benefit

In Pete Zelinski’s blog in the February 3, 2014 on-line issue of “Modern Machine Shop” he outlines in great detail how HPI’s 3D Sand Printer serves multiple purposes:

“Initially, Hoosier Pattern’s team members added simple blocks to provide the spacing. But why be so plain? In 3D printing, a complex form is just as easy to generate as a simple one. Therefore, the company began using the geometry of this foundry industry symbol as a spacer instead. When the engineer needs to vertically separate two jobs, he pulls in this figurine’s geometry and positions it between the different CAD models. That means numerous figurines might be produced in the course of running any batch of parts. The result has been an abundance of the figures, which the company gives away at trade shows and other events.” [Link]

We at HPI are very fond of The Classic Foundryman. It reminds us that no matter how advanced the technology gets that the end process remains fundamental and iconic.

Check out the full article. | Modern Machine Shop Blog by Peter Zelinski