Remembering Lucinda (Cindy) Wyss

There are good days at work and there are bad days at work.

On occasion, there are days that just don’t make sense. 

The Hoosier Pattern family experienced one of those days that don’t make sense when we unexpectedly lost one of our own last week. Cindy Wyss worked part-time and had just celebrated her two year anniversary at Hoosier Pattern. She was one half of our shop maintenance team and was part of the reason visitors always said “it’s so clean in here!” when they toured our facility. Navigating being an essential part of the supply chain during the COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult to say the least. We doubled, if not tripled, our sanitizing and cleaning procedures. Cindy had no problem coming in for some extra hours every week to help with the increase in cleaning the facility. She never once complained about wiping down the same surface multiple times a day to ensure that we stayed as germ-free as possible. 

Cindy’s memory will always be honored by the Hoosier Pattern family as well as within our facility. Cindy worked part-time at another local business, Ritter’s Flower Shop, for over 40 years. She’s made hundreds of crafts and floral arrangements throughout the years for this community. One of Cindy’s final crafts at the flower shop was a wreath that just so happened to have flowers with Hoosier Pattern’s signature colors – blue and green. We knew right away that this special wreath belonged on our wall in memory of Cindy and as a way for employees to always remember her and her giving spirit. Hoosier Pattern will also be donating every year to a charity in memory of Cindy. This year we will be donating to Woodcrest Retirement Community as a way to honor Cindy’s love for helping the elderly. Cindy also worked a third part-time job with home health care. She truly was one of the hardest working people in our building and she will be greatly missed. 


Cindy was not only a hard worker, but she was also a friend to many people here. She was a loyal wife, mother, daughter, sister, and aunt. Cindy worked three part-time jobs to support her family and because of that, she did not have life insurance. Hoosier Pattern believes in leaning on each other in times of grief and sorrow as well as being a helping hand whenever and wherever you can.


We know that you would not be a fan of us talking about how great you are and would insist that we didn’t gather as a group for lunch today to remember you. Some of us even think that the flood that happened in our break room this morning was a sign from you telling us that we aren’t allowed to have the group lunch… or that our floors aren’t clean enough. Either way, the thoughts of you gave us a small laugh and made us feel like you are still with us. We are positive that you would want us to push forward and keep living a life with a kind heart that serves others – and so that’s what we will do. You will be greatly missed but we know heaven gained one of the good ones. 

Your Hoosier Pattern Family

Click here to donate to the GoFundMe account to help Cindy’s family with her funeral expenses.