“Pouring Man” Casting Winner

HPI offered all the attendees at the recent 118th Metalcasting Congress an opportunity to win a handsome bronze casting of our iconic “Pouring Man.” The casting is from a sand mold created by our very own S-Max™ 3D printer. Seen in the photo are (left) HPI’s Nate Chavarria, Lead CAD Designer, presenting the cast to (right) Kyle Patterson.

Here’s what Kyle had to say: “First off, thank you for the pouring man cast model. I am a junior majoring in Manufacturing Technology at the University of Northern Iowa with an emphasis in Metalcasting and plan to graduate May 2015. I certainly do plan to work in the metalcasting field after graduation, but as of now I do not know in what area of the field since there is such a wide variety of options. I am also the president of our AFS student chapter.”

Thanks to Kyle and all the folks who stopped by our booth at The Congress. See you next year!