Modern Pumping Today: Products and Service Guide 2015

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Hoosier Pattern has 3 reasons to use 3-D printing of sand to make compoenents: 
1) Timing – In 2 weeks time from the receipt of your P.O. you can have a sand mold of your component ready to ship to the foundry of your choice. This mold is ready to make a casting without waiting for foundry tooling to be made. 
2) Cost – The cose for 3-D printed sand components, sand molds, or sand cores is $0.17 per cubic inch.
3) Design – Complex geometries of your parts do not raise the price of making your castings. No sacrifice of design for manufacturability needs to be made. Complex core designs are 3-D printed as one piece. 


Complex pump component castings produced quickly and at a known cost is why pump manufacturers are turning to 3-D printing as a solution to pump casting problems. Hoosier Pattern is able to manufacture parts for a wide variety of pumps and commercial pumps, including: centrifugal pumps, water and sewage pumps, turbine pumps, transfer pumps, fluid flow pumps, and more! 

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