Making a difference with Hoosier Pattern’s summer internship program

Hoosier Pattern remains committed to offering high school and college students the opportunities to learn and develop skills that benefit their lives and careers. Hoosier Pattern is a member of the Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance, an organization dedicated to working with local schools in Northeast Indiana (Adams and Wells counties). AWMA is a group of local businesses, educators, and government members who focus on strengthening our local workforce by equipping students with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in manufacturing and construction.

Over the past few months, Hoosier Pattern brought on three interns to help assist staff with our customer’s projects while working with these students to develop the technical skills they need to succeed. Hoosier Pattern sat down with these interns and asked about their perspectives and experiences working for Hoosier and for our audience to learn a little more about our summer staff members.

Kaden Rittmeyer (left) and Trenton Jones (right)

Meet our interns:

Kaden: Norwell High School – Junior

Isaac: Purdue University – Sophomore

Trenton: Purdue Northwest University – Senior

Why did you choose to work at Hoosier Pattern this summer?

Kaden: I wanted a summer job and have always wanted to work at Hoosier.

Isaac: The pay is very good, and the work environment is great.

Trenton: I chose to work at Hoosier Pattern this summer because of the future opportunities that could be presented to me because of my time spent here. Also, it was an easy choice to work here due to my prior foundry experience.

What type of things are you doing as an intern?

Kaden: Cleaning cores and molds

Isaac: I pull the parts from the sand printers, clean them, and then pack them.

Trenton: Being an intern, the main thing I am doing is trying to learn. I work closely with the CAD supervisor on modeling jobs I can handle and learn from. I have also learned how to communicate with our customers to meet their needs.

What have you learned from working at Hoosier Pattern besides the job itself?

Kaden: Teamwork goes a long way.

Isaac: I’ve learned how to work with a team better.

Trenton: I have learned how valuable teamwork and communication in the workplace are. If people aren’t working together, things tend to go wrong.

What do you enjoy about working at Hoosier Pattern?

Kaden: The friendships that I’ve made with my co-workers.

Isaac: The air conditioning is nice, and it is really satisfying to finish a job box.

Trenton: I enjoy a healthy work environment. I feel safe when I say, “I don’t know how to do that,” or “I need help,” small things like that make Hoosier Pattern a good place to work at.

What are you planning on doing after school?

Kaden: My plan after high school is to become full-time at Hoosier.

Isaac: I plan to get into a graduate program in wildlife biology.

Trenton: It’s hard to say what I plan on doing after school. Right now, I am just trying to get through the summer and my last two school semesters.

Isaac Fuelling

Tell us about yourself:

Kaden: I enjoy swimming, hunting, and being with my girlfriend and her family.

Isaac: I am 19 years old, graduated from Bellmont, and serve in the Army National Guard.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

Kaden: 3D printing, fishing, and hanging out with my family.

Isaac: I like to go on runs, play rugby, and talk with friends.

Trenton: Outside of work, I enjoy riding/racing motorcycles.

If you or someone you know is interested in an internship program at Hoosier Pattern, please get in touch with Laurie Mrvos at She will connect you with the appropriate personnel and supervisors for your desired position.