Introducing the Employee Spotlight

Happy Wednesday! 


Hoosier Pattern has decided to draw attention to the people behind the scenes in the building. A functioning business would not be functioning if it did not have employees. We know we hire the best of the best and want to share some of what makes our employees who they are. That being said, Hoosier Pattern will be doing an employee spotlight weekly, and for our first spotlight we are going to shine the light on our newest employee, Alyssa Corral. Alyssa recently joined the Hoosier Pattern team as the social media coordinator. 


Employee Name:
Alyssa Corral

Position at Hoosier Pattern:
Social Media Coordinator

What’s that mean?
I will take care of the company’s different social media outlets, website, blog, and any other online marketing platforms

How long have you been at Hoosier Pattern?
As of right now as I write this.. 2.5 days

If less than a year, where did you previously work?
I worked in healthcare for 3 years, most recently at a hospice company located in Berne called Family Life Care. I was an aide.

Tell us about yourself/family:
I was born and raised in Decatur, where I currently live. I graduated from Adams Central in 2010. In the past year I’ve entered adulthood by getting my own place and realized quickly that bills are the enemy. In December, I graduated from Ivy Tech with my degree in Business Administration. My dad/stepmom are Brian and Brandi Ashley and my mom/stepdad are Carey and Camille Oetting. In total, including my step/half siblings, I have 13 ranging in ages from 39 to 1.

Where was your first job?
When I was 15, I worked at a daycare in Decatur. I learned quickly that working with children is not my calling.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
I go to any and every concert I can get to. I used to say the only reason I  work is to support my concert addiction. I bought a record player recently so my hobbies, as of lately, include record stores and spending hours digging through crates of vinyls at antique and music stores.

What is something not a lot of people know about you?
I have a tattoo of Beatles lyrics. Sorry if reading this is how you had to find out, Grandpa!

What is your favorite TV show?
When it was on the air, I had a terrible obsession with Breaking Bad. It’s been over a year since the series has ended, and I’m still looking for a show to be as good as Breaking Bad was.

What is something you’ve never done, but want to do?
Go to a professional football game.. preferably at Soldier Field. Da Bears!