In the News with the American Foundry Society

In the American Foundry Society’s November/December newsletter, Denise Kapel interviewed our very own Steve Murray about new rapid manufacturing methods in an article title, “Sprint to the Finish: Rapid manufacturing methods streamline low volume production“.

Denise writes, “Metalcasters and casting buyers have more options than ever before among the methods for making molds and cores. This specialized area relies on skilled, knowledgeable staff as well as current technology.”

With the best team in the industry and the most advanced technologies on the market, Hoosier Pattern is primely positioned to help our clients move forward into the next generation of rapid prototyping with reduced costs and shorter lead times.

As Murray described, Hoosier Pattern’s 3-D sand printing has many benefits, especially ” . . . if it’s going to be over a little bit of time, we all know that as soon as the engineer gets feedback on those first machines out in the industry, he’s going to make changes. Looking ahead, that could amount to many changes over a five or seven-year span, leading to significant tooling costs. If we use rapid prototyping technology, you wouldn’t have to change the tooling. We would just print a new one, and off you go.”

It’s just one of the many ways that Hoosier Pattern is leading the way in the rapid prototyping industry, and we feel honored to have been included in the American Foundry Society’s article.

Click here to read the entire article for yourself.