HPI Adds 2 New Machining Centers to End 2017

This morning was a busy morning as HPI welcomed TWO new machining centers to add to the list of equiptment we have in our facility:


Mazak Veriaxis 730-5X ii    * 5 axis machining center

  Travel: 28″x33″x22″    *Large work area for a 5 axis machining center

  Pallet changer   *for light production and multiple setups

  With a 5 Axis HPI’s possibilities are endless.  It will help throughout the shop but the rigging department might benefit the most.  With this machine we will be able to do the same as eliminate the super long reach tools that have become a standard around the shop.  It will help us to be more aggressive on quoting very complex jobs and taller jobs with tight reach areas as we will be able to utilize shorter tools to perform the job. So long story short: We will be able to complete higher complexity jobs faster and better than ever before. 

Doosan DNM 650

  Doosan is a new face around HPI.  We are looking to capitalize on the advancements in the cutting tool world with machines that can accommodate the speeds and feed needed to utilize these tools to their fullest.  With the profit margins shrinking in manufacturing market, we are looking to produce the high quality foundry tools HPI is known for in a shorter amount of time. 


It feels like Christmas came a couple days early for Hoosier Pattern. We are excited to see how these machines are utilized for our customers projects and look forward to putting them to good use.