Hoosier’s Dave Rittmeyer featured in Modern Casting

In a recent interview with metalcasting marketing expert Mark Mehling, Dave Rittmeyer explained his concerns of the dwindling numbers of patternmakers. “Whether due to consolidation in the metalcasting industry or shifting economic conditions, many metalcasters and pattern shops are having trouble finding qualified, capable individuals.”

Hoosier Pattern is addressing this growing issue through their apprenticeship program which educates and trains high school kids on every area of the business.

“Manufacturing isn’t a dirty, grimy job that nobody wants. It’s highly skilled with lots of technology, like 3-D printing, CNC equipment and CAD. It’s cool stuff”, says Rittmeyer. 

Check out his brief article in Modern Casting’s January 2015 issue on page 14 or listen to the full interview by clicking here.