Hoosier Pattern’s Newest Journeyman Patternmaker!

Hoosier Pattern has a new Journeyman Patternmaker! Brandon Fourman completed his 10,000 working hours as well as his classwork needed over the past 5 years to become a certified Journeyman Patternmaker. Brandon started working at Hoosier Pattern in September of 2013 and just celebrated his 7 year anniversary last week. He entered the apprentice program in August of 2015 and completed everything earlier this year and we were able to officially present him with his certification from the Indiana Department of Labor on September 23rd. All Hoosier Pattern employees were in attendance to see Brandon recieve his certificate. Congratulations Brandon! 


Along with Brandon receiving his Journeyman Patternmaker certificate, we also celebrated some milestone anniversaries. Alyssa Corral and Spencer Wilson have been at Hoosier Pattern for 5 years as of 2020 and Tony Uhrick celebrated 10 years in 2020. 


After employees were recognized, Tim Curry was introduced to the company. Tim was brought onto the team in early August as an outside salesman in an effort to broaden the Hoosier Pattern brand. time has over 35 years in the industry and is currently located in Houston, Texas but was in town for the week to tour our facility and meet his new coworkers.

It’s been a weird year so far, to say the least, but at Hoosier Pattern we have always been committed to being a strong team and working together in order to do right by the customer and deliver the best product possible. We will always be a strong team, and we plan to stay that way even if 2020 has some more curveballs up it’s sleeve.