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Hoosier Pattern Welcomes Tim Curry to the Team!

At Hoosier Pattern, we are always looking for new ways to network and expand our customer base. We are very excited to announce that we've brought Tim Curry onboard as an outside salesman in an effort to broaden the Hoosier Pattern brand. 

Tim has over 35 years in the foundry industry and is currently located in Houston, Texas. We are looking forward to having him and what he will bring to the team. Read more about Tim in his own words below. 

Tell us about yourself! 
I have 35 years in the foundry industry. I have served in almost all capacities, from foundry shake out, to VP of Sales.

What do you enjoy most about sales?
Solving customer problems, helping with re-designs and engineering issues, landing the big one, not much better than that.

If you weren't in sales or in this industry, what would you be doing?
Probably working at McDonalds...I don’t know anything else. If that didn’t work, I have always liked working with my hands so maybe make some furniture

What is a trend in the industry that you currently see happening?
I see foundries and OEM’s cutting their workforce and going to smaller business units. As happened in the 80;s I would see more and more companies looking for ways to diversify, allowing them to be more efficient and accommodate more customers with more value-added services with a smaller footprint.

What is your hope for the industry in the future?
I hope to see more work come back from overseas. I see the industry going all-in on new technologies, they will be looking to spend money and increase workflow with a smaller footprint. This is only be accomplished with new technologies like 3D printing.

What do you think could make the industry better?
Service, lead-times, and product quality are the keys to success.

What's something about you that not a lot of people know?
I tried for my PGA card when I was 20, I also tried out for the US Open qualifier when I was 21. Missed the cut by 2 shots, I guess you could say my wheels came off… lol

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Golf and fishing, more recently shark fishing.

What are 3 things you enjoy? 3 things you don’t enjoy?
Enjoy:  “The Little Things” My dog jumps up on my lap and then throws her head on my chest and looks at me with those blue Husky eyes, almost to say. Love you so much! A friend or family member calls and tells me they just accomplished something they never thought they were capable of, riding my Harley, spending time with the wife and family, and walking my dogs. 

Don't enjoy: Failure, something went wrong and that bothers me. Cleaning the house, in fact, cleaning anything, maybe this stems from working in the cleaning room of a foundry. lol Deep-sea fishing, I love fishing but deep sea and I’m seasick, seasick, seasick, what a bummer!


Welcome to the Hoosier Pattern family, Tim! 

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