Hoosier Pattern to Participate in Virtual Trade Show Event Next Week

Next week we were planning to be setting up the trade show booth at the Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia like we do every September, but 2020 had other plans. Most of the trade shows Hoosier Pattern planned on attending this year have been wiped from our schedule, but there have been some alternative solutions to exhibiting in person. Next Tuesday, September 15th, Hoosier Pattern will be participating in a virtual trade show hosted by Modern Pumping Today.

Although this is not a traditional trade show, it is a safe alternative to attending a traditional trade show in the midst of a pandemic and there are many pros to having a virtual event. First and foremost, this virtual show is FREE to attend! For exhibitors and attendees, there is no traveling or time spent out of the office. As much as we love getting out of the office and talking face to face with current and potential customers, missing a week of work doesn’t stop the work from piling up on our desks at home. Even though there are no face to face interactions, the Modern Pumping Today platform is set up so that visitors can talk live with company employees, download info, or watch videos. When visitors click on our booth, there will be a section to ask questions and speak to a real employee in real-time. This virtual event will also include educational videos, pre-recorded webinars, and plenty of product information video content the user can choose from to watch.

Hoosier Pattern has always embraced technology and has never been afraid to try new ways of doing things. We look forward to being a part of this virtual event and making it successful. Register to attend this virtual event for FREE here: Mpt Virtual Expo 2020

Learn more about Modern Pumping Today here: Modern Pumping Today

As far as 2020 trade shows, there is one more on the calendar that is still planning on happening. The Performance Racing Show in Indianapolis, Indiana held at the Indiana Convention Center from December 10-12th.  Read more about that show here: The Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Show