Hoosier Pattern Partners with Evolution Art Studio to Help Veterans

Evolution Art Studio is owned and operated by Jay Elias, a former United States Marine who served during the Gulf War. Jay’s passion is to make art accessible to everyone. Jay reached out to Hoosier Pattern for a project involving a manhole cover that was to be part of the renovation at the 17th District Court in Redford Township, Michigan. The new manhole cover will be front and center of the walkway entrance to the court. You can read about that project here.

As of lately, Jay is working on non-profit mental health awareness/therapy programs for Veterans and they are so close to achieving their first-round crowdfunding goal of 15k to help fund this project. The funds from this will be used to purchase foundry patterns for the production of weightlifting equipment – more specifically, a full line of custom kettlebells, dumbbells, and Olympic-style plates, as well as custom “ruck plates” for veterans and fitness enthusiasts alike.



Hoosier Pattern has worked alongside Jay for part of this project and seeing it all come together has been very exciting. We support this project and are excited to see how this helps Veterans! To help Jay and Evolution Arts Studio reach their crowdfunding goal, go here.