Hoosier Pattern Enhances Foundry Capabilities with Doosan DNM 750 Vertical Mill

Hoosier Pattern recently invested in expanding its machinery line-up by adding the Doosan DNM 750 vertical mill.

The Doosan DNM 750 is equipped with impressive travel capacity and precision, which allows the company to meet the growing demand while maintaining the highest standards of quality. With this addition, Hoosier continues to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and set new heights in manufacturing excellence.

Our facility offers multiple cutting-edge machining centers, contributing to the company’s ability to deliver superior products. The capabilities are expansive, with vertical machining centers capable of handling dimensions up to 60″ x 100″ and horizontal machining centers capable of handling dimensions up to 79″ x 59″ x 47″.

In addition, Hoosier has an impressive range of equipment, including two CNC lathes, a 5-axis mill, and plate saws that can handle dimensions as large as 36″ x 60″ x 120″. The company can handle various projects with such diverse equipment with great precision and efficiency.

On additive manufacturing, Hoosier Pattern has five in-house 3D sand printers for sand molds and cores.

The purchase of the Doosan DNM 750 vertical mill signifies the company’s commitment to excellence. As Hoosier Pattern continues pushing boundaries and redefining standards, customers can be confident that their projects are in capable hands. This latest acquisition has further strengthened the company’s commitment to delivering our customers the highest quality products on time and every time.