Happy Retirement, Joella!

Today, Friday, October 11th is OFFICIALLY Joella Phillips’ last day at HPI because she is RETIRING!



In September, Joella celebrated 15 years at HPI. Joella was one of the first 5 employees hired into the company and she will be missed dearly. Joella has been in charge of our offices and has been through every change, update and remodel HPI has gone through. 

On Tuesday of this week, we celebrated Joella and all her hard work she has put into HPI over the past 15 years.  Prior to HPI, Joella spent10 years in Credit and Collections, both domestic and international along with 11 years in Purchasing, both MRO and production. Joella has also worked part-time as an advocate in a domestic violence shelter.  When she wasn’t at work,  Joella’s hobbies included singing in the church choir, enjoying time with her family and friends, or a good book. She also enjoys exploring, traveling to new places and meeting new people. 



Congratulations on retirement! You have been a pleasure to work alongside and learn from. Thank you for all of the hours and hard work you have put into Hoosier Pattern – your work truly made a lasting impact, and one that has changed the company for the better in so many ways. We will miss you and everything you brought to the company but know you are enjoying every second of a much-deserved retirement! 

The Hoosier Pattern Family 



Aside from Joella’s exciting retirement celebration on Tuesday, we also recognized employees that celebrated milestone anniversaries this year. 

Celebrating 5+ years are the following employees standing in between Laurie Mrvos (human resources) and Keith Gerber (owner of HPI)  from left to right: 
Phil Conner – 9 Years 
Jim Geimer – 7 Years
Phillip Bauman – 7 Years
Todd Yoder – 7 Years
Jacob Chavarria – 6 Years
Barb Reid – 6 Years
Brandon Fourman – 6 Years
Ernie Geyer – 5 Years

Celebrating 10+ years with HPI: 
Tina Fourman – 10 Years
Ron Cox – 11 Years
Kelly Gerber – 10 Years


Celebrating 15+ years with HPI: 
Joella Phillips – 15 Years
Chris Lichtle – 16 Years

Celebrating 20 years at HPI: 
Dave Rittmeyer


A HUGE congratulations to all of these employees. Their time and dedication have played a vital role in making HPI a success and we would not have made it almost 22 years without these people and the level of hard work they bring to the table. We feel fortunate to have not just these employees but so many great employees and we look forward to what the future holds knowing we have some of the hardest working people on our team. Congratulations to all of these employees celebrating anniversaries this year and an even bigger congratulations to Joella Phillips! Enjoy every second of retirement!