Happy Anniversary HPI!

In November of 1997, Hoosier Pattern consisted of 3 employees, in a 4600 sq. foot area with 4 machines: 1 vertical CNC machine, 1 manual bridgemill, 1 manual lathe and 1 welder.




Fast forward 18 years to 2015 where Hoosier Pattern now consists of 42 employees, in a 45,000 sq. foot area with 14 vertical, and 2 horitonzal machining centers, 2 CNC Lathes, 2 EDM’s, a manual CMM, a laser scanner as well as housing 2 ExOne S-Max™ Sand Printers. The Indiana collage in our newly remodeled lobby, displays 18 years worth of hard work and dedication that got HPI where it is today. 


Happy Anniversary Hoosier Pattern!