Hammer Molds for Bellmont High School

Today, students in Mr. Egly’s manufacturing class at Bellmont High School here in Decatur poured hammer molds that were 3D printed with our  Ex One S-Max sand printer.The students got to experience a part of the foundry world while wearing the right protective gear and getting to pour the melted metal into the molds by themselves. Of course, Mr. Egly was there to oversee and make sure everything went smoothly, but the students did a phenomenal job of pouring these molds by themselves.



Here are students, Josh Custer and Alec McDonald, pouring the melted metal into the molds as well as the finished product. It’s very cool to see younger generations in our community interested in the foundry world as well as the world of 3D printing. We may have some local foundrymen in the future… good work, students!