The 19th Congress and International Exhibition of the Foundry Industry in Monterrey, Mexico is the largest trade show and exhibition in Mexico.  Hoosier Pattern’s Steve Murray was able to attend and he had the following to say about his visit.

              “The Mexican Foundry Expo was a huge surprise. I was pleasantly surprised to see so many familiar faces and companies from north of the boarder down at the Expo center with booths and doing business. Mexico is a metal casting force and is modernizing at a fast pace. All the foundries I talked to were interested in 3-D Printing and other Additive Manufacturing technologies that might be applicable to their foundries growth. No donkeys and sombreros here, only a forward thinking and modernizing metal casting industry. The Italian and Japanese companies both had large blocks of booths at the Expo. They must see the potential of the Mexican Foundry Market and the opportunities that exist there.

             One of the structural things that was in place that made this Expo so business friendly was the area set off from the booths and the hubbub of the Expo floor. It was an area where you could go and talk business at a table and not be in the booth space. You could make a deal right there or get in to more specifics and not be in the commotion of the Expo floor. It is a feature that would be good to mimic at our foundry shows here in the U.S. Another very savvy arraignment was that all the foundries were in one area or block of booths. This made it very convenient for the casting buyers to see the foundries of their choice and not have to run all over the Expo to locate the prospective casting partners. This was an Expo set up to do business.

            All in all it was a very good Expo and one that was geared to doing business and making connections. I look forward to going back and working with the foundries on making castings using Additive Manufacturing. Please contact me if you would like to talk about this topic.”


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