Dan Cade — A Passionate Patternmaker and Beloved Friend

Caption: From left to right, John Hale, Keith Gerber, and Dan Cade together at Hoosier Pattern’s 25th Anniversary.

The passing of Dan Cade, a passionate patternmaker known for his expertise, compassion, and unwavering dedication to his work. My name is Keith Gerber, and I am the founder and president of Hoosier Pattern, Inc. On July 3rd, 2023, our community lost a remarkable individual whose impact on my life and those around me will not be forgotten. I want to share some thoughts on how Dan influenced my life and many of us in the patternmaking profession.

Born July 5th, 1943, Dan had an impressive career in patternmaking and supporting the foundry industry spanning over 55 years. His contributions have left an extraordinary legacy in the industry.

Dan started his career in Fort Wayne, learning from experienced professionals at different pattern shops. He interviewed at Ward Pattern & Engineering and they recognized his skills and hired him as the pattern shop supervisor. I was fortunate to work with Dan, where he provided guidance and mentorship. I respected him greatly for his leadership and genuine friendship.

Dan co-founded Hoosier Pattern in November 1997 with myself, and John Hale, a metal patternmaker. Their vision and perseverance helped establish a prosperous pattern shop. Dan’s knowledge went beyond the production floor by utilizing his meticulous approach to quoting tooling through pen and paper. As time passed, he embraced technology and shifted towards computer-based operations, resulting in increased efficiency for the company and its customers.

Dan was an exceptional hands-on machinist with unmatched skills in milling, lathe turning, benching, and rigging foundry tooling. He had a comprehensive understanding of creating precise layouts for castings, demonstrating his commitment to delivering high-quality products to customers. What set Dan apart was his friendly and approachable personality. He never hesitated to interact with clients personally, building lasting relationships and going above and beyond to ensure their satisfaction.

Dan retired from Hoosier Pattern after 12 years of service in July 2009. Throughout his time, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the company’s growth, making significant contributions that helped shape the business. Even in retirement, Dan remained passionate about life. He enjoyed participating in car clubs, showcasing his vintage automobiles at shows and attending auto auctions. During the winters, he spent his time relaxing in the Florida sun.

Dan’s remarkable kindness, wit, and humor made an impression on everyone he met. His sincere desire to teach and assist others was a beacon of hope, motivating those around him to aim for greatness.

Dan Cade left a lasting impact on the patternmaking industry and the people he interacted with. He was known for his attentive listening skills, belief in the importance of family and friendship, and unwavering commitment to keeping promises and meeting obligations. His legacy will live on through the valuable lessons he imparted and the cherished memories he created.

Our community mourns the loss of Dan Cade, who passed away on July 3rd, 2023. His family and friends are deeply saddened by his passing. Although we say goodbye to a remarkable person, we find comfort in believing Dan’s spirit will always inspire and guide us.

Rest in peace, Dan, until we meet again, my friend.

— Keith Gerber, President of Hoosier Pattern, Inc.