REGARDING COVID-19: Hoosier Pattern has decided to limit face to face meetings with customers and visitors and will be heavily utilizing the use of teleconferencing and web meetings with customers until further notice. It is our goal to not only keep our employees safe but to keep visitors safe by limiting contact.
Work Life News

HPI Celebrates 20 Years In Business!!

In November of 1997, Hoosier Pattern consisted of 3 employees in a 4600 sq. foot area with 4 machines: 1 vertical CNC machine, 1 manual bridg port, 1 manual lathe and 1 welder.

Over the last 20 years Hoosier Pattern has gained recognition as one of the region's premier pattern shops as well as a becoming a leader within the industry. In 2013, Hoosier purchased a 3D sand printer and at the time it was the largest 3D printer in the United States. With the addition of the 3D sand printer in HPI's toolbox, Hoosier was elevated to a new level of manufacturing. Not only could the HPI team build you a tool for high volume production, but they could also help out with low volume production or even prototypes. 

Present day, Hoosier currently employs 42 people in a 80,000 square foot facility. Hoosier houses over 20 machining centers including: vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, 2 CNC lathes, 2 EDM's a manual CMM, and a laser scanner. They also house 2 ExOne S-Max™ Sand Printers within their walls as well. Hoosier offers an apprentice program that is registered with the United States department of labor and offers internships and job shadowing for current students interested in the trade. Congratulations on everyone at Hoosier Pattern for celebrating this milestone anniversary!

HPI’s Newest Journeyman Patternmaker

As of July, Hoosier officially has a new Journeyman Patternmaker to add to our already impressive list of skilled employees. Phillip Bauman completed his 10,000 work hours and classes at Ivy Tech Community College over the past 5 years and received his Journeyman Certificate from the Indiana Department of Labor last week.


Phillip Bauman has been a part of the Hoosier Pattern family since May of 2012 when Keith hired him at the end of his senior year of high school. Phillip was initially hired to paint the outside of the building. One day it had started raining and Keith told Phillip to come inside and shadow some of journeymen already out on the shop floor for the day and he has been here ever since. Phillip is currently one of our CAM programmers and occasionally can be found in the Hoosier Pattern booth at some of the trade shows we attend. 



Congratulations, Phillip! Your hard work and dedication to Hoosier Pattern over the past 5 years has been truly appreciated. We are proud of your work ethic and are grateful to have you on our team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Happy Retirement, Dwight!

Today, we started saying "See you later" to one of HPI's best, Dwight Haines as he starts a new journey:



Dwight is a Journeyman Patternmaker and acquired his certificate for "Machinist- Tool Maker"  August 24, 1973. He worked in Van Wert for awhile and then moved to Fort Wayne Foundry/Cole Pattern. Dwight happened to be neighbors with our owner, Keith Gerber, and after some convincing Keith got Dwight to join the HPI team.


Dwight is HPI's Support Coordinator at HPI and has been an asset to the team since his first day back in 2009. Dwight is a wizard in Microsoft Excel and brought his knowledge to HPI, greatly enhancing our internal workbooks. Having been in the industry for many years, he also brought a wealth of knowledge about quality.

Dwight spends most of his time in the quality room, acting as our laser scanning guru and 3D sand testing expert. His years of skills and knowledge is very impressive and his willingness to share that knowledge with others is inspiring to see. Dwight has spent time at local high schools and job fairs showing students how to use the 3D scanner and how it applies to the industry. Dwight, and his wealth of knowledge, will be missed by all of us at HPI. 


Everyone at HPI wishes you a relaxing and happy retirement. You have been a joy to learn from and work alongside. Your years of hard work here are much appreciated and we are very grateful. Your work truly has made a lasting impact, and has changed the company for the better in many ways. Enjoy every minute of your retirement!

The Hoosier Pattern Family


Gearing Up For Casting Congress 2017

Next week, AFS 121st Metalcasting Congress kicks off in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Hoosier Pattern will be showcasing on the sold out exhibit hall floor. The AFS Metalcasting Congress is the industry's largest conference and trade show that brings together suppliers, foundries, and casting customers alike. The conference brings endless opportunities for networking, promoting, and educating people on a larger scale about Hoosier Pattern’s role in the industry.

Dave Rittmeyer, Steve Murray, Alyssa Corral and Brandon Fourman will be representing HPI at the show. They will be a part of panel discussions and be at booth #510 in the exhibit hall.


Dave Rittmeyer

Having just celebrated his 18th work anniversary with Hoosier Pattern, Dave is a familiar face within the industry. As a journeyman pattern-maker with more than 2 decades in the trade, as well as being HPI's additive manufacturing supervisor, Dave has a well-rounded knowledge of the industry. At the conference, he will be part of a foundry technology panel on Tuesday morning in room 203AB at 9:15 AM. He will be discussing 3D printed sand and how to apply the technology to projects for customers. When Dave isn't at Hoosier, he enjoys riding his Harley, fishing, and spending time with his wife and 4 sons.

Steve Murray

As a journeyman pattern-maker with a passion for the foundry and metal casting, Steve has been a huge asset to the team with his knowledge of the trade and additive manufacturing. Instead of having a desk in our facility, Steve is normally out traveling and educating potential customers, foundry men, engineers, and casting designers finding the best solution to their casting needs. Steve will be part of a panel on Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 PM in room 202AB discussing additive manufacturing. When Steve isn't traveling for work, he is spends time woodworking or hanging out with his wife and grandkids.

Alyssa Corral

Entering into her third year at Hoosier Pattern, Alyssa Corral specializes in all marketing and social media efforts, along with producing and managing website content. Alyssa is always looking for new ways to tell Hoosier's story within various industries, especially by attending trade shows and participating in that way. When she isn't on the clock, you can find her at record stores looking for Beatles records, at a concert, or reading a book somewhere.

Brandon Fourman

Brandon Fourman is an apprentice pattern-maker and has been with HPI since 2013. He started in the saw department and was accepted into the apprentice program in June of 2015. Brandon will be a new face in the trade show booth, but is very knowledgeable and will be a great asset to the show team for the Metalcasting Congress. In Brandon’s free time, he is usually hunting, fishing, or on a golf course.


HPI started in 1997 as a pattern shop and has seen continual growth within the pattern industry by expanding our capabilities to what they are today. We hope you’ll stop by our booth at the conference and check out photos and videos of our facility, as well as sample projects we have worked on. HPI's booth will have information and literature about all services that we offer including foundry tooling, 3D printed sand, and plastic/ABS printing. HPI is proud to be a part of a community and industry that is so vital to everyday life. We look forward to exhibiting and meeting with current and potential customers, as well as seeing which direction the industry is heading in.

Never used or even seen 3D printed sand? Hoosier's booth will be filled with 3D printed sand molds and cores, as well as castings that were cast from 3D printed sand. Everything from small castings to large castings, all made from 3D printed sand in a range of alloys. All of our 3D printed sand is printed in-house with one our ExOne S-Max™ printers in the shop. Have a project or idea that could possibly use 3D printed sand? Stop by the booth. We'd love to hear your idea and discuss your options. See you next week!

Bellmont Trade Classes visit HPI

Thursday March 23rd, Bellmont students from Jason Egly's various trades classes came to HPI to gain insight on the character traits of a desirable employee. The students were also able to take a tour of Hoosier Pattern’s facilities and learn about what our team does.

The discussion was led by HPI's Jim Geimer, Phillip Bauman, and Alyssa Corral. Jim, Phillip, and Alyssa gathered the students into the training room and presented on what makes a quality employee – not just at Hoosier Pattern, but in any field the students might choose in the future. Topics were broken down into three general categories:

•The Basics – skills someone at the high school level should already possess

•Things That Can Always be Practiced – skills to constantly improve upon

•HPI Specific – skills that would help a person employed at HPI


Touching on The Basics, HPI's employees emphasized arriving to work on time, communication skills, and learning to get along with coworkers. Even though it’s 2017 and cell phones are a normal occurrence, it’s still shocking to see the amount of people who show up late for interviews without prior notice. Communication ties into this, as well. Failure to communicate being late, especially to an interview with a potential employer, raises a red flag before the interview even begins.

To the third emphasis, getting along with coworkers can be a lot easier said than done. Depending on the job within an industry, it’s not uncommon to spend half of the hours in the week with your coworkers. Being able to push through differences to find common ground is essential to the overall health of a company. It is vital for customers to see teamwork, and this teamwork will translate into minimal errors, quality service, and getting the job done.



Another area of conversation surrounded skills and character traits that can always be improved upon. Hoosier employees, especially the younger ones and apprentices, are always encouraged to learn more and immerse themselves in whatever can help them better understand the trade.

As adults, and not just in the workplace, we try to integrate these habits into everyday life. Phillip Bauman can attest to going the extra mile and how it can affect you. Phillip got his start at HPI in high school by painting the outside of the building during the summer and one day it was closing time and Phillip decided he only had a few spots left to paint and stayed over and finished the job. Keith, the owner at HPI, noticed this work ethic in a high school aged student and a few years later, Phillip is now in his final year as an apprentice.

Another emphasized topic was being able to admit defeat. As humans, we are bound to fail from time to time. However, the victory is found in how the failed situation is handled. This is something we wanted to instill into the Bellmont students. On occasion, we have had employees that get frustrated with the job. That is to be expected. However, instead of asking for help, they just stop showing up to work. This is a poor reflection of the organization and it leaves extra work for other employees to pick up. It's okay to fail, but it is necessary to recognize when it has happened and to ask for help on how to correct it.


When we started discussing the qualities and characteristics necessary for a future at HPI, it was important to communicate that everything covered in the previous slides is vital. It takes an entire team committed to excellence to make things run smoothly and deliver products on time.

Along with everything previously covered, it was noted that taking certain classes as a high school student will help to lay a foundation of what to expect inside HPI's doors. Having both Jim and Phillip in the apprentice program and knowing firsthand what helped them was helpful in letting the students know which classes to sign up for in their upcoming high school years.

After the presentation, the students had the opportunity to tour the facility. Most of the students had never seen a machine shop in full swing. Students were able to see the 3D sand printing area, various printers running, and final production pieces being cleaned. They also had the chance to see plates in the CNC machines and parts being laser scanned in the quality control room.

The day ended with students asking several job specific questions like, “What is the average pay for a Journeyman Patternmaker?” Questions were asked about dress code, other skilled trades industries, and more.

We want to thank Mr. Egly and his classes for taking the time to come through our shop and allow the younger generation to see what skilled trade jobs look like in real life and how they contribute to society. We look forward to having next year's class here!


Kyle Rittmeyer - On The Job Training

Kyle Rittmeyer is not a stranger to HPI. Kyle's dad, Dave Rittmeyer will be celebrating his 18th year with HPI in April, making Kyle a part of the HPI family basically since birth. Kyle is the newest (and now youngest!) team member and is not a stranger to the trade. As you will read below, Kyle aspires to be a third generation pattern maker. We look forward to having Kyle here in the building and look forward to seeing him grow in the in trade.


What school do you go to?
Norwell High School.  I'm enrolled in South Adams Area 18 Precision Machining Program.

What grade are you in?

What is "on the job training" Is it part of a class? A program?
On the job training is being trained while doing that job as a potential career. Students have the opportunity to be enrolled in on the job training during their 2nd year class at South Adams. I work from 12:30 to 4:30 Monday thru Thursday and will continue to do so for the last half of the school year.

What are your plans after high school?
My plans for after high school are apply for a full time job at Hoosier or another pattern shop. Once I've worked there for awhile, I hope to apply and be accepted into an apprenticeship program and fufill one of my life goals and become a third generation patternmaker.

Did you get to choose HPI as a place to do your on the job training or was it picked for you? If you picked, what made you go with HPI?
I got to choose HPI. I chose this place because it is where I hope to be hired. It has many learning opportunities.

What makes HPI different than other choices you had?
HPI is different because I have worked here in the past. I have done and internship and done odd jobes to help in needed areas around the shop (painted, cleaned in the summer).

What do you at HPI?
At HPI I do a little of everything. I help quality control with scanning and inspecting. I shadow the setup crew watching them set up parts on the mills and lathes picking up little tricks that they were taught. I help in the benching area by taking gating off plates so they can be cleaned up and I help in the sandroom cleaning molds and cores, job boxes or helping pack so they can ship them out.

What do you enjoy the most about HPI?
What I enjoy the most is seeing friendly faces that are willing to advice and give their tips for projects.

Which career/industry are you hoping to do for life?
I am hoping to work in the machining side, either programming or on setup.

What qualities/traits does a person need to succeed in this line of work?
teamwork. Most jobs I've watched people do here involve more than one task and more than one person.

What activities do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy reading books and fishing. I played saxophone in the marching band at football games and bass guitar in the pep band at home basketball games. I am currently restoring an old motorcycle with my dad right now. 

Thanks for a Great 2016!

2016 is winding down and at HPI we are looking back at everything we accomplished this past year.


The end of the year is a time to reflect on how we have evolved over the past 12 months. Between trade shows, expanding our facility, and launching a new 3D printing service, and everything in between, Hoosier Pattern has continued to have a successful year. We are lucky enough to have a business that employs ambitious, driven and dedicated individuals who all excel at what they do. If it weren't for the HPI team, 2016 would not have been as successful of a year as it was. 


- Early in the year we announced that we had purchased a Stratasys Fortus 450MC. Throughout 2016, this printer has allowed us to print sample prototype parts, print supports to assist in machining patterns and gating with offset partings, print CMM and machining supports/fixtures and produce patterns for low volume runs. This plastic printer has been an asset in HPI's toolbox, allowing us to expand options we offer our customers. Check out what our FDM printing can do for your next project here

- HPI is now ITAR/EAR compliant!  With our ITAR/EAR compliance came many changes internally at HPI. We have stronger security systems in place and more in depth monitoring of who is entering/touring our facility. Being ITAR/EAR compliant will open doors for new opportunities for HPI in the future and we are looking forward to capitalizing on those opportunities. 

- HPI completed its 10,000th shop order! 10,000 jobs have left our shop and we look forward to making that number rise in 2017. 

- In 2016, HPI had 100% employee participation in giving back to community programs. As mentioned before, the HPI team is second to none. HPI is not a stranger to community involvement. This work family knows the importance of community and helping those who are struggling temporarily or just not as fortunate. Every single employee had money taken out of each check and put it back into the programs that help our neighbors, schools and town. 

- HPI has expanded the facility from 45,000 sq. feet to 80,000 sq. feet. Almost doubling HPI's footprint gives us endless possibilities.  

- HPI was awarded a Global Supply Chain SOLVE Solution Award by Emerson Process Management. Read all about that here. 

- HPI exhibited at multiple trade shows around the country including the Casting Congress in Minneapolis, RAPID in Orlando, The Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia in Houston, SEMA 2016 in Las Vegas and The PRI Show in Indianapolis. The connections made and networking that happens at these shows are always beneficial to us and we look forward to meeting up with our current and future customers at shows in 2017

- HPI gained 3 new journeymen! Chris Lichtle, Mark Bodnar and Ron Cox all received their journeymen certifications in early November. 

- HPI put on their very first webinar and had a very positive response. HPI strives to be an industry leader in quality and knowledge and webinars are one way to reach large audiences across the globe. We look forward to utilizing this technology again in the future.

- HPI had 3 interns this year. Seeing a younger generation interested in the manufacturing industry and what we do at our shop was exciting and a great teaching opportunity. In 2017, we are hoping to educate more and let people know that we are way more than a typical machine shop. 


In addition to all of these accomplishments, HPI turned 19 years old! For 19 years, HPI has seen continual growth in this industry and HPI plans to continue growing and only getting better. 19 years of quality workmanship and strong work ethics have brought us to this point. We could not have done this without a solid team and a great network of customers. Thank you to our customers for giving us the opportunities to be your service provider. It is our desire to keep you satisfed with our quality workmanship and commitment to your projects. You are our inspiration in doing our very best.


We look forward to working with you on your tooling and rapid prototyping projects in the future. 



See You in 2017!


Three New Journeymen!

At HPI, we pride ourselves on the high quality of the products that leave our shop doors. We know that to have high quality products, we need to have high quality employees. With the apprentice program, we invest money and time on our employees to turn them into highly skilled workers who have earned their spot in the workforce. Outside of the apprentice program, we do everything we can to make sure that our employees have the tools they need to do whatever job it is, whether it's in the offices working at a desk or on the shop floor setting up machines. Every employee is important at HPI and deserves to be recognized for the hard work and effort they bring to their jobs every day.

That being said, HPI reached out to the Indiana Department of Labor because we have 3 hard working men in the shop who deserve to be recognized for what they have accomplished in the patternmaking field as well as what they have done for Hoosier Pattern. Chris Lichtle, Mark Bodnar and Ron Cox have reached a high level of proficiency in the pattern making industry not just here at HPI, but at patternshops and foundrys prior to HPI. They have all shown willingness to mentor and work with younger employees, especially those going through the apprentice program. They have invested many work hours educating our up-and-coming work force. By sharing their expertise and experience, they are ensuring that future generations of patternmakers will enter their profession as highly trained and skilled Journeyman Patternmakers. 

As previously mentioned, Chris, Mark and Ron have previously worked in the patternmaking business before coming to HPI. By rights, they should have obtained their Journeyman certificiates prior to joining HPI, but it did not come to pass. This was a wrong that HPI wanted to change. 

This week, Hoosier Pattern turns 19 years old. In celebration of our 19th birthday, we were also able to present Chris, Mark and Ron with their Journeyman Patternmaker certificates. We have a great amount of pride for this company and for the people who work within it. For a great product, you need to have a great company staffed with a great team and we truly believe that Hoosier has this. Congratulations to Chris, Mark, and Ron, who have gone above and beyond multiple times for this company and are more than deserving of this achievement. 

Chris Lichtle recieving his Journeyman Patternmaker Certificate. Chris has working as a patternmaker for over 40years. He joined the HPI team in 2003.


Mark Bodnar recieving his Journeyman Patternmaker Certificate. Mark has worked as a patternmaker for over 30 years and joined HPI in 2005.


Ron Cox recieving his Journeyman Patternmaker Certificate. Ron has worked as a patternmaker for over 40 years and joined HPI in 2008. 


Happy Birthday 19th Birthday to Hoosier Pattern as a company and Congratulations to our newest Journeyman Patternmakers! You have been a vital part of what makes HPI great and we are proud to have you on our team. Speaking of our team... do you want to join it? We have a few open positions. Check them out here.

HPI Receives Solution Award

In June, Hoosier Pattern was awarded a Global Supply Chain SOLVE Solution Award by Emerson Process Management. Emerson gives this award to outstanding project owners that impact the way their supply chain works. The objective of The Global Supply Chain's Solution Award is to encourage and recognize people's efforts on providing supply chain related solutions to the business. In line with the SOLVE vision (defined below) there must also be value added to the business via enterprise engagement, financial improvement, delivery improvement and asset management improvement. The Solution Award is going to be given once in a calendar year and/or completion of a Solution project. The nominees for the award are individuals and/or teams inside and outside of the Global Supply Chain's organization and recipients are chosen by Global Supply Chain leadership, in alignment with Enterprise Leadership. Hoosier Pattern is the only external supplier to receive a Solution award. 


Global Supply Chain's vision of SOLVE includes: 

S - Solution provider on: delivery challenges, dwell time and asset management targets

O - On-time delivery improvement with all suppliers achieving 95% OTD to request date

L - Lead time reduction: work with suppliers to shorten lead-times demanded by KOB's

V - Value add to our financial position: deliver supply chain related financial targets on NMI, DPO, ES

E - Enterprise engagement via perfect execution: driving regional actions in line with global Enterprise objectives 


HPI is honored and thrilled to be the recipient of the SOLVE award. Our employees take pride in their work and the quality of everything that leaves our facility reflects that. We will continue to strive to be an industry leader in 3D printed sand, constantly working to be better and finding ways to do things differently. The HPI team is mindful of the need to compete for excellence and will always work together as one to keep that goal in mind. We look forward to our future with Emerson and continuing to make that partnership a stronger one. 


Free Sample Molds - RAPID 2015

The year is flying by and we are quickly approaching RAPID 2015. RAPID is being held in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center from May 19th to the 21st. It is known worldwide as the preeminent event for 3D printing, scanning and additive manufacturing. With less than a week to go, we are packing our sunscreen and getting very excited to be a part of the largest additive manufacturing conference in North America.

Read more about RAPID

Hoosier Pattern will be at booth #1134 with an exciting opportunity for booth goers. Hoosier Pattern is offering a free sample mold that has been printed in our S-Max™ 3D Sand Printer to anyone who stops at our booth. The sample mold comes pour ready with the gating and riser already printed in it. 

Above: A pouring man sample mold given out by Hoosier Pattern. 

We have one of the largest 3D Sand Printers in existence here at Hoosier Pattern. 

Please contact Hoosier Pattern to see if we can help with your next project. We can rapidly prototype parts with complex internal geometries and reduce lead time from months to days. 

Are you going to be in the Long Beach area next week?

Do you want to attend RAPID 2015 as our guest? Let us know!

We have extra tickets that will get you into the RAPID Exposition free of admission (a $75 value)!  Please contact our social media coordinator, Alyssa, to get your ticket or promo code to register for the expo online. Contact Alyssa by calling 260.724.9430 or by email at

5 days and counting. See you in Long Beach!