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Big Changes at HPI to Benefit Our Customers

Big Things are Happening at Hoosier Pattern. 

Specifically in the additive manufacturing side of our business. By now our 3-D sand printer is not a secret, and although Hoosier Pattern was the first pattern shop in the United States to use this technology for commercial use, more sand printers are being bought and the competition is slowly rising. HPI has always strived to be an industry leader and a customer's first choice when needing 3D printed sand parts. HPI continues to grow and adapt to changes and demands in the industry. As of lately, HPI has hired more employees in the sand room to help extract and clean sand printed parts to stay on top of the demand and stay true to our promise of "On Time Delivery". Along with more employees in the sand room, HPI has also hired another employee to help build job boxes for the sand printer, as well as help get quotes back to customers. 

Expanding our team is great news here at Hoosier Pattern, but we have also made some exciting changes for exisiting and potential customers. We are pleased to announce that we have reduced the cost of sand printing! Contact us today to see what our new prices can do for your next project. 



"This technology enables us to service commercial and defense OEMs and their affiliated foundries even if they don't have a pattern on hand." - Keith Gerber, Hoosier Pattern

That quote from Keith was from an article about additive manufacturing for defense contractors in National Defense Magazine. The article talks about how the military utilizes additive manufacturing to solve the problems of cost and long lead times of tooling fabrication. 

Read the complete article here.

We are very excited about the changes being made here at Hoosier Pattern and look forward to continue growing and making a better experience for our customers. Contact us about your next project!

3D Printed Motorcyles, Monsters and Elvis.. Oh My!

There was a lot of hype surrounding RAPID 2015... and RAPID 2015 did not disappoint. 


RAPID was 3 days of educating, exhibiting and exciting discoveries of what is happening in the world of 3D printing. The Long Beach Convention Center was buzzing for 3 days with students, industry experts and exhibitors networking with each other, and Hoosier Pattern's Dave Rittmeyer, Steve Murray and Alyssa Corral were all there to take it in. 


Monday was booth set up day: 

Check out the full process of that here.

Monday night included a welcome reception sponsered by SME and Materialise, which included endless networking opportunities as well as appearances by Elvis and The Blues Brothers!


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were days full of exhibiting. With over 200 exhibitors present, there were endless things to see and discover in the 3D printing world including 3D printed dresses and shoes, as well as a fully printed motorcycle and a car with over 70 3D printed parts.


The most visited as well as the biggest thing present on the exhibit floor at RAPID this year was Bodock, the Giant 3D Printed Monster. Stratasys partnered with the Stan Winston School of Character Arts, Legacy Effects, WIRED, and Condé Nast Entertainment to produce a 14-foot tall creature to introduce at Comic-Con International in San Diego in July of 2014. Bodock was made using 6 different 3D printer, and it takes 4 people to operate him. 


RAPID had many cool features to it, but perhaps one of the coolest was the RAPID App for people attending the show. The app was free to download on any smart phone or tablet and included all of the exhibitors and their location, conference schedules, attendee lists, maps, as well as a live news feed giving attendees and exhibitors yet another way to communicate and interact with eachother. It took being a part of a trade show to another level of communication and networking. 



RAPID 2015, for Hoosier Pattern, was a very busy week filled with connecting, learning and educating exhibit goers about how HPI fits into this evergrowing world of 3D printing. Our S-Max™ 3D sand printer has endless possibilites and is ready to help you with your next project. 


Contact us and send us your CAD files for a quote today! 


Until next time, California...


RAPID, we will see you in Orlando! #RAPID2016

Free Sample Molds - RAPID 2015

The year is flying by and we are quickly approaching RAPID 2015. RAPID is being held in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center from May 19th to the 21st. It is known worldwide as the preeminent event for 3D printing, scanning and additive manufacturing. With less than a week to go, we are packing our sunscreen and getting very excited to be a part of the largest additive manufacturing conference in North America.

Read more about RAPID

Hoosier Pattern will be at booth #1134 with an exciting opportunity for booth goers. Hoosier Pattern is offering a free sample mold that has been printed in our S-Max™ 3D Sand Printer to anyone who stops at our booth. The sample mold comes pour ready with the gating and riser already printed in it. 

Above: A pouring man sample mold given out by Hoosier Pattern. 

We have one of the largest 3D Sand Printers in existence here at Hoosier Pattern. 


Please contact Hoosier Pattern to see if we can help with your next project. We can rapidly prototype parts with complex internal geometries and reduce lead time from months to days. 

Are you going to be in the Long Beach area next week?

Do you want to attend RAPID 2015 as our guest? Let us know!

We have extra tickets that will get you into the RAPID Exposition free of admission (a $75 value)!  Please contact our social media coordinator, Alyssa, to get your ticket or promo code to register for the expo online. Contact Alyssa by calling 260.724.9430 or by email at

5 days and counting. See you in Long Beach! 

Congrats to HPI’s Steve Murray!

Hoosier Pattern (HPI) is pleased to announce that Steve Murray has just finished his classes and obtained his 'Train the Trainer' certificate from the American Foundry Society. Steve passed his test with a grade of 97%. For years Steve has presented to many AFS chapter meetings and conferences throughout the U.S. along with presentations at Rapid and AMUG (Additive Manufactures Users Group).

Because of Steve's hard work and dedication, Hoosier Pattern is the only pattern shop/foundry tooling supplier that is both SME Additive Manufacturing Certified and now Trainer Certified with the American Foundry Society, making HPI uniquely qualified to help you with your traditional foundry tooling needs and with your 3D sand printing (3DSP) inquires and requirements. If you congratulate Steve, do not hesitate to ask him to help inform or consult with your company about 3DSP.

Steve will be at RAPID with Hoosier Pattern in Long Beach, California May 19th through the 21st and is leading a workshop titled "How to use 3-D Printed Sand in Short Run Production and Prototype Castings" on the 19th from 3:00p-3:25p. Speaking of RAPID.. do you want to come as our guest? Hoosier Pattern as plenty of exhibition hall tickets (a $75 dollar value) that we are giving away. Contact our social media coordinator, Alyssa, for free tickets. Call her at 260.724.9430 or by email at

Above: Steve pictured with his certificate and some of the apprentices he educates here at HPI. 

Hoosier Pattern is proud to have you, Steve!

In the News with the American Foundry Society

In the American Foundry Society's November/December newsletter, Denise Kapel interviewed our very own Steve Murray about new rapid manufacturing methods in an article title, "Sprint to the Finish: Rapid manufacturing methods streamline low volume production".

Denise writes, "Metalcasters and casting buyers have more options than ever before among the methods for making molds and cores. This specialized area relies on skilled, knowledgeable staff as well as current technology."

With the best team in the industry and the most advanced technologies on the market, Hoosier Pattern is primely positioned to help our clients move forward into the next generation of rapid prototyping with reduced costs and shorter lead times.

As Murray described, Hoosier Pattern's 3-D sand printing has many benefits, especially " . . . if it’s going to be over a little bit of time, we all know that as soon as the engineer gets feedback on those first machines out in the industry, he’s going to make changes. Looking ahead, that could amount to many changes over a five or seven-year span, leading to significant tooling costs. If we use rapid prototyping technology, you wouldn’t have to change the tooling. We would just print a new one, and off you go."

It's just one of the many ways that Hoosier Pattern is leading the way in the rapid prototyping industry, and we feel honored to have been included in the American Foundry Society's article.

Click here to read the entire article for yourself.

Additive Manufacturing at Linear Mold

Modern Machine Shop's website is rapidly becoming one of our favorite places to watch videos that never fail to capture our imagination. In the video below, the good folks at Linear Mold & Engineering, who specialize in 3D printing of metal parts, show how they are pushing the possibilites of additive manufacturing by "growing" metal parts that can't be made any other way.

Prepare to watch and say, "wow!" One more excellent example of how 3D printing, whatever the material used, is changing the face of manufacturing in the US and the world.


Just for fun check out this video below of 3d printing sand with the power of the sun!

Pump Castings Using 3-D Printing

The March issue of "Pumps & Systems" a monthly magazine who deliver relevant industry news coverage and powerful technical information to 42,500 BPA-qualified managers, engineers, operators and maintenance professionals around the world has an article by HPI's Steve Murray. Steve talks about how 3-D printing can positively impact pump castings and eliminate the need for core boxes: "By producing a core that does not require a core box, the design and efficiency rule and are not constrained by manufacturability of the foundry tooling. This is not an all-or-nothing technology. It must be used with existing processes or as a standalone. Pump manufacturers and end users should incorporate it when and where it makes sense."  Steve discusses in depth the impact that 3-D printing can have on Pump Component Molds. Also, there are some great photos of sand core impellers. Check it out

Cannon Goes Light with Steel Alloy

It was good to see our customer and collaborator H.A. Burrow Pattern Works Inc., of Silesia, Montana in the February 2014 issue of Modern Casting Magazine.

Gary Burrow, the owner of H.A. Burrow Pattern Works, is a progressive in the use of technology to get the job done.  Whether it is SLA or 3-D Print technology Gary uses the best technology that makes economic sense to get quality results and on time delivery.

Gary's a great partner to work with.  Be sure to check out his article here Cannon Goes Light With Alloy Steel and get in touch with Gary or myself and find out how additive manufacturing can help with your troublesome project.

We thrive on the challenge to make the best use of technology to make castings.

Sand Printing’s Side Benefit

Hoosier Pattern, Inc.'s ExOne S-Max 3D Sand Printer has such a large job box, we can often print fun little projects like this foundryman figurine, at no time cost to the client. Sand Printing's Side Benefit

In Pete Zelinski's blog in the February 3, 2014 on-line issue of "Modern Machine Shop" he outlines in great detail how HPI's 3D Sand Printer serves multiple purposes:

"Initially, Hoosier Pattern’s team members added simple blocks to provide the spacing. But why be so plain? In 3D printing, a complex form is just as easy to generate as a simple one. Therefore, the company began using the geometry of this foundry industry symbol as a spacer instead. When the engineer needs to vertically separate two jobs, he pulls in this figurine’s geometry and positions it between the different CAD models. That means numerous figurines might be produced in the course of running any batch of parts. The result has been an abundance of the figures, which the company gives away at trade shows and other events." [Link]

We at HPI are very fond of The Classic Foundryman. It reminds us that no matter how advanced the technology gets that the end process remains fundamental and iconic.

Check out the full article. | Modern Machine Shop Blog by Peter Zelinski

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