REGARDING COVID-19: Hoosier Pattern has decided to limit face to face meetings with customers and visitors and will be heavily utilizing the use of teleconferencing and web meetings with customers until further notice. It is our goal to not only keep our employees safe but to keep visitors safe by limiting contact.
General News

Hoosier Pattern to Participate in Virtual Trade Show Event Next Week

Next week we were planning to be setting up the trade show booth at the Turbomachinery and Pump Symposia like we do every September, but 2020 had other plans. Most of the trade shows Hoosier Pattern planned on attending this year have been wiped from our schedule, but there have been some alternative solutions to exhibiting in person. Next Tuesday, September 15th, Hoosier Pattern will be participating in a virtual trade show hosted by Modern Pumping Today.

Although this is not a traditional trade show, it is a safe alternative to attending a traditional trade show in the midst of a pandemic and there are many pros to having a virtual event. First and foremost, this virtual show is FREE to attend! For exhibitors and attendees, there is no traveling or time spent out of the office. As much as we love getting out of the office and talking face to face with current and potential customers, missing a week of work doesn’t stop the work from piling up on our desks at home. Even though there are no face to face interactions, the Modern Pumping Today platform is set up so that visitors can talk live with company employees, download info, or watch videos. When visitors click on our booth, there will be a section to ask questions and speak to a real employee in real-time. This virtual event will also include educational videos, pre-recorded webinars, and plenty of product information video content the user can choose from to watch.

Hoosier Pattern has always embraced technology and has never been afraid to try new ways of doing things. We look forward to being a part of this virtual event and making it successful. Register to attend this virtual event for FREE here:

Learn more about Modern Pumping Today here:

As far as 2020 trade shows, there is one more on the calendar that is still planning on happening. The Performance Racing Show in Indianapolis, Indiana held at the Indiana Convention Center from December 10-12th.  Read more about that show here:

Hoosier Pattern Produces Molds for Cadillac Intake Manifold

When Cory Taulbert of Taulbert Chassis Components reached out to Hoosier Pattern to work be apart of this project, we didn’t realize how cool the results would be! Hoosier Pattern’s 3D sand printers created molds for an intake manifold that ended up being a part of a Cadillac V8 rebuild.

Bill Ganahl (South City Rod and Custom) is currently building a hot rod for client Mark Warrick.  The 1936 Ford 3 window coupe hosts an immense amount of subtle custom touches, something South City Rod and Custom is known for.  Under the hood sits a 1955 Cadillac V8.


Engine conversions were very common in the early days of hot rodding, as it offered the owner an easy way to get more power as Detroit rolled out better engines.  In parallel, the aftermarket quickly supported the new engines with custom camshafts, multiple carburetor intakes, and even supercharger systems.

A company called Supecharger Company of Turin (SCoT) sold superchargers of various displacements for popular engines, but more importantly, produced the intake manifolds that allowed everything to be bolted together.  Fast forward to today, some of these parts are still around but the original limited-production has made those parts extremely rare today.

Back to Mark’s 1936 Ford – he wanted to put a SCoT supercharger on the Cadillac V8.  Bill had the tall task of locating an original SCoT intake to put the package together, but there were none to be found (that were for sale anyway).  Bill turned to a friend, Cory Taulbert, to see what they could come up with.

Cory suggested that they make a new intake manifold.  This would allow them to custom tailor it to Mark’s car, as well as give Mark the exclusivity to unique “one-off” part.  Cory offered up the CAD services and got to work designing a new intake manifold, with inspiration from the original SCoT intake manifold.

When it came time to actually make it, Cory reached out to Hoosier Pattern.  He had recently seen a friend working on a 1920’s Packard Indy Car engine block, that was created from scratch.  Hoosier Pattern 3D printed the molds, so it was clear that it was the place to go to.

At Hoosier, Todd Yoder worked with the 3D model to develop the 3D printed molds.  The molds were then shipped to Crystyl Engineering in Piqua, OH, where an aluminum casting was poured and heated treated.  To finished off the casting, Tooling Science Inc in Maple Grove, MN finish machined the interfacing surfaces and flanges.


It’s always very exciting to see a project that we were a part of come together in the end and even better when we get to share these projects with the rest of the industry. The possibilities with the 3D sand printers at Hoosier Pattern are truly endless. Need a quote for a project that requires 3D printed sand? Go here.

Meet Our Summer Intern: Clay

Every year Hoosier Pattern enjoys taking in internships, externships, or job shadowers, and this summer we had Clay Barlow in the shop with us! Clay has been with us all summer throughout different areas of the shop. Learn more about Clay's experience in his own words below. 



School/Grade Level: 
Purdue University - West Lafayette, Junior in the fall of 2020 and I am majoring in Materials Science and Engineering

What made you seek out Hoosier Pattern as a place to work at for the summer?
It was an opportunity to work within my area of interest for the first time. Not only that, but it looked like and proved to be true that Hoosier Pattern is a place that does a lot of things and does them all well. Also, they are consistently innovating and are leading their industry. I was excited long before I arrived and I wasn't disappointed. 

What types of things did you do at Hoosier Pattern?
I've been able to do a lot and got experience within every department over the course of my internship. My main role was to work on improving the 3D plastic printing capabilities, but I also worked with machining, sand printing, and on other projects.

What did you enjoy about working at Hoosier Pattern? 
I enjoyed that there is never a dull day and that each day, each hour, you will be working on something different. Not only that, but it seems like Hoosier Pattern is focused on continuously improving all parts of the company and to be a part of that type of innovation is awesome. Last but not least, it's a very friendly, almost family-like, atmosphere. You have a lot of responsibility and freedom to get things done and if you happen to mess up, the people here are nothing but supportive and helpful to fix the problem. 

What were some memorable projects you got to work on and participate in? 
3D printer optimization: I got to dial in the printer and slice parameters to begin producing carbon fiber infused plastic parts. I also got to work on integrating soluble support into our parts to improve support removal and surface quality. 

Centrifugal ISO-Finishing Inquiry: I produced a part in 4 materials to explore a new 

Casting made from a sand printed mold: I got to design apart from a print and then had the mold sand printed and got to pour molten aluminum into it to create a casting. (pictured above)

What do you want to do as a career? DO you think that working at Hoosier Pattern during the summer will help you decide on what you want to do as a career?
I am hoping to land in the foundry or at least in the wider metals production industry. working at Hoosier Pattern has already helped me with career decisions by solidifying it in my mind and allowing me to gain an extracurricular real-life experience within the industry. I also got to see another side of the casting world. 

Other than the job itself, what kind of things has Hoosier Pattern taught you?
While at Hoosier Pattern, I've learned a lot about being a better professional, engineer, and person. Outside of the job skills, I learned a lot about managing multiple projects at once and making sure goals get met in a timely manner. I learned better ways to communicate, especially across the company and outside of the company. just in talking with the others in my workspace, I got info on professional networking, on the foundry industry, and on things completely outside of work like general life skills and advice. 

Outside of work, what do you enjoy doing? What organizations are you involved in at school? Do you play sports? 
I enjoy cooking, spending time outside, tinkering, and making stuff and hanging out with friends and family. At school, I'm mainly involved as a leader in volunteering and professional organizations including Purdue's chapters of American Foundry Society and Material Advantage. as for sports, I'll play football or basketball with friends or run and lift also.

Clay's last day at Hoosier Pattern will be this Friday, August 14th. Good luck at Purdue this fall, Clay! 

Hoosier Pattern Welcomes Tim Curry to the Team!

At Hoosier Pattern, we are always looking for new ways to network and expand our customer base. We are very excited to announce that we've brought Tim Curry onboard as an outside salesman in an effort to broaden the Hoosier Pattern brand. 

Tim has over 35 years in the foundry industry and is currently located in Houston, Texas. We are looking forward to having him and what he will bring to the team. Read more about Tim in his own words below. 

Tell us about yourself! 
I have 35 years in the foundry industry. I have served in almost all capacities, from foundry shake out, to VP of Sales.

What do you enjoy most about sales?
Solving customer problems, helping with re-designs and engineering issues, landing the big one, not much better than that.

If you weren't in sales or in this industry, what would you be doing?
Probably working at McDonalds...I don’t know anything else. If that didn’t work, I have always liked working with my hands so maybe make some furniture

What is a trend in the industry that you currently see happening?
I see foundries and OEM’s cutting their workforce and going to smaller business units. As happened in the 80;s I would see more and more companies looking for ways to diversify, allowing them to be more efficient and accommodate more customers with more value-added services with a smaller footprint.

What is your hope for the industry in the future?
I hope to see more work come back from overseas. I see the industry going all-in on new technologies, they will be looking to spend money and increase workflow with a smaller footprint. This is only be accomplished with new technologies like 3D printing.

What do you think could make the industry better?
Service, lead-times, and product quality are the keys to success.

What's something about you that not a lot of people know?
I tried for my PGA card when I was 20, I also tried out for the US Open qualifier when I was 21. Missed the cut by 2 shots, I guess you could say my wheels came off… lol

What are some of your favorite hobbies?
Golf and fishing, more recently shark fishing.

What are 3 things you enjoy? 3 things you don’t enjoy?
Enjoy:  “The Little Things” My dog jumps up on my lap and then throws her head on my chest and looks at me with those blue Husky eyes, almost to say. Love you so much! A friend or family member calls and tells me they just accomplished something they never thought they were capable of, riding my Harley, spending time with the wife and family, and walking my dogs. 

Don't enjoy: Failure, something went wrong and that bothers me. Cleaning the house, in fact, cleaning anything, maybe this stems from working in the cleaning room of a foundry. lol Deep-sea fishing, I love fishing but deep sea and I’m seasick, seasick, seasick, what a bummer!


Welcome to the Hoosier Pattern family, Tim! 

Hoosier Pattern Joins Forces with Michigan Art Studio to Create Stunning Manhole Cover

Evolution Art Studio is owned and operated by Jay Elias, a former United States Marine who served during the Gulf War. Jay’s passion is to make art accessible to everyone. Jay reached out to Hoosier Pattern for a project involving a manhole cover that was to be part of the renovation at the 17th District Court in Redford Township, Michigan. The new manhole cover will be front and center of the walkway entrance to the court.


The design was simple: to include the state seal of Michigan and the name of the court. The only other requirement was that it says “sanitary.” The state seal of Michigan features the state coat of arms. The moose and elk represent Michigan (they are both natives of the state), the bald eagle is a symbol for the United States. The Latin phrases on the seal are:

  • “Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice” is Michigan’s state motto meaning “if you seek pleasant peninsula, look about you.”
  • “E Plurbus Unum” means “From Many, One” or “One From Many” meaning our nation is made from many states
  • “Tuebor” means “I Will Defend” and refers to the frontier position of Michigan

Hoosier Pattern printed a set of 3D molds that came together to create this manhole cover. Once completed, the items were shipped to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the final product was poured.  


When asked if there was any significant history behind this project, Jay explained:

“Not so much history behind this project as there is a lot of irony (pun intended). I am a disabled veteran who returned from overseas deployment just after the end of the first Gulf War in 1991. Unaware that I was suffering terribly from PTSD, I wound up getting into trouble with the law and serving many years in prison for something that may have been avoided with intervention.

This manhole cover is being installed at a courthouse where they now have “veteran’s court,” something that wasn’t available when I went through the system. There’s so much more awareness about PTSD and the importance of mental health these days. This manhole cover is very symbolic of the healing that can take place through the artistic and creative process. I’m living proof. “

Jay also believes that when it comes to 3D sand printing and the art industry, this process opens up a new world of possibilities for artists and designers. Prototyping is a snap, and one-off projects with difficult parameters can quickly be completed.

Evolution Art Studio offers metal casting to veterans for free through an art therapy program. The studio is always looking to provide workshops for veterans. If you are interested, please contact Jay Elias at Evolution Art Studio. Follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

Hoosier Pattern Adds New Doosan to Better Capabilities

At Hoosier Pattern, we adamantly believe that efficiency drives productivity. Currently, we’re one of the top industry leaders in technology that deliver our customers the highest quality patterns that they have come to expect and deserve. We continue exceeding our customer’s expectations by investing in the latest technologies that maximize our production output.

That is why on April 30, 2020, we’re excited to receive our latest vertical machine — a new Doosan DNM 6700. This fully-featured DNM series machine is now up and ready on our shop floor to give customers the best patterns that our industry offers.


The product specs for our new Doosan DNM 6700 has a travel size of 51.2” x 26.4” x 24.6 with a maximum table capacity of over 2,000 pounds. The primary functions of our new vertical machine deliver better productivity, increase accuracy, and reduces polishing times.


The result, customers always get a high-quality product with even faster turnaround times. 

Hoosier Pattern Launches 360 Virtual Tour

Hoosier Pattern is excited to announce the launch of our 360 Virtual Tour.

The inspiration behind this project came from you, our customers. Who wanted to tour our facility, but due to busy schedules, or extended traveling distances, you were unable to visit our company. In 2019, Hoosier Pattern’s president Keith Gerber decided that implementing a virtual tour is the best option to solve this problem. Immediately, we began implementing the steps to make this vision a reality.

Our goal was to have a virtual tour that communicates with our customers, local patrons, as well as students interested in Hoosier Pattern’s summer internship program. We wanted our audience to see the ins and outs of our innovative manufacturing process.

Our virtual tour is optimized for desktop, tablet, or smartphone devices.

The “i” dots throughout our virtual tour are clickable and will provide you with information about that specific area. Other features of our virtual tour include menu buttons at the bottom right corner that will bring up a blueprint of Hoosier Pattern’s facility. A gallery of pictures contained in our tour, a Google map link, and our LinkedIn page.


With all the concerns amid COVID-19, Hoosier Pattern is an essential business, and we’re taking this very seriously. One of the precautions we have implemented is to cancel all in-house, face-to-face meetings, including personal tours. Quite honestly, there is no better time to unveil the 360 Virtual Tour as a way to keep our business flowing normally while allowing customers to see our facility.

To see our virtual tour, please click here! No steel-toed boots, safety glasses, or sanitization requirements needed. Enjoy!

Hoosier Pattern and COVID-19

With the recent COVID-19 updates, Hoosier Pattern has decided to limit face to face meetings with customers and visitors and will be heavily utilizing the use of teleconferencing and web meetings with customers until further notice. It is our goal to not only keep our employees safe but to keep visitors safe by limiting contact.

If you want to fill out an application, please download our form via our website and email it to Truck drivers and deliveries are still being accepted with minimal contact and added sanitation measures.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we do our part in keeping our employees, their families, and the community healthy.

Hoosier Pattern at the AFS Wisconsin Regional Conference & Expo!

Join Hoosier Pattern at the AFS Wisconsin Regional Conference & Expo

On February 12 and 13, Hoosier Pattern is honored and excited to be a part of the 82nd annual Wisconsin Regional Foundry Conference & Expo held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

During the event held at the luxurious Potawatomi Hotel and Casino, attendees can meet and interact with over 80 exhibitors, watch and learn technical sessions, get insights from keynote speakers, and understand the latest technological trends relating to our industry.

If you’re planning to attend our expo, then please see us at the booth (#112), where you’ll talk with one of our experienced staff members showcasing some 3D printed sand molds and cores.

Additive Manufacturing Supervisor and Customer Care Manager, Dave Rittmeyer, will also be on-site ready to answer any questions you may have related to our 3D sand printing process. Also, Dave will explain what kind of files, models, and information you need for your next 3D printed sand project.

Want to learn more about our innovative processes? Then please don’t hesitate to let us know! We’ll take the time to explain our in-depth 3-D process from start to finish, along with how to apply it to your process. We’ll also send you free samples to help better your understanding of how these molds and cores can dramatically reduce your product’s production times.

Hoosier Pattern is a proud member of the American Foundry Society, and we stand with the organization’s mission to advance the success of its members and the metal casting industry through advocacy, education, and innovation. Over the years, we’ve been actively involved with the American Foundry Society and with its members. We look forward to continuing our partnership and support with AFS now and through the future.

We’re looking forward to the conference. We believe this event is a fantastic opportunity to network and catch up with current customers as well as meet new members attending our expo. Don’t forget, and we’ll be exhibiting at the booth (#112), please stop on by and see us.

See you in Milwaukee!

Press Release - Plein Air Contest at HPI

Decatur, Indiana


The worlds of industry and the arts are seldom thought to have much in common.  And yet, on November 15, these two disparate worlds did indeed come together with an outcome far better than either group could have predicted.


Hoosier Pattern’s owner, Keith Gerber, came up with the idea of an Indoor Plein Air painting contest in which the artists would depict scenes from within his manufacturing plant, a building he and his 50 employees had occupied since 1997.  Artists were guaranteed the purchase of one artwork each.


With the assistance of local art event organizers, and Avon Waters, President of the Indiana Plein Air Painters Association, (IPAPA).  15 artists were invited to participate.


The artists came from as far away as Terre Haute and Springfield, OH.  They arrived fully prepared to work.  After a tour of the facility, and a brief explanation of Hoosier Pattern’s operations, sites were selected, easels were set up throughout the building (out of the way of forklifts and employees) and the artists got to work.  Many different types of mediums were used:  watercolor, oil, pastels, and acrylics.  With the exception of a brief break for lunch and a gathering for a group photo, the artists worked from 10:00 until 2:00.   



HPI employees voted on their three favorite works.  Many commented that it was difficult to choose only three because they were all so good.


Artists who participated were:

Sandy Hall, Greenfield, IN – FIRST PLACE

Lynne Dunnavant, Rosedale, IN – SECOND PLACE

Shelby Nower, Decatur, IN – THIRD PLACE

Avon Waters, Converse, IN

Diana Fair, Fort Wayne, IN

Tiffany Mendez, Decatur, IN

Curt Stanfield, Rosedale, IN

Darlene Vassil, Decatur, IN

Tim Swagerle, Peru, IN

John Kelty, Fort Wayne, IN

Robine Wright, Springfield, OH

Greg Mendez,  Decatur, IN

Rebecca Justice. Schaab – Auburn, IN

Christel Gutelius, Mecca, IN

Terry Pulley, Wabash, IN


Prizes amounts awarded were: 

1st Place - $750.00

2nd Place - $625.00

3rd Place - $500.00


HPI’s owner, Keith Gerber remarked that this event was clearly a win/win for both his company and the artists.  Hoosier Pattern will frame and proudly display the art in their front offices and reception area.  The artists were given the opportunity to paint an interior industrial setting instead of outside landscapes.  This was a first for them.  They also were able to paint indoors during November’s chilly temperatures.

*not all pieces of art are pictured

Keith hopes that by sharing news of this very successful event, other manufacturers and businesses might consider sponsoring similar events or would consider ways their companies might support the arts.  Both the artists and Hoosier Pattern employees thoroughly enjoyed this experience.  Should you have any questions about this particular event or if your company is interested in sponsoring a similar event, feel free to contact Laurie Mrvos, Human Resources at Hoosier Pattern: