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Hoosier Pattern Teams Up With The United Way

Hoosier Pattern takes great pride in giving back whether it is to a specific family in need or a whole community like Adams County.  For the 20th year, Hoosier Pattern has teamed up with the United Way of Adams County's yearly efforts and some Hoosier faces are a part of the 2018-2019 campaign! 

Our marketing/social media coordinator, Alyssa Corral and purchaser, Tina Fourman explained why they give to the United Way.

Near the end of the campaign you will see a group shot of (almost) everyone here at HPI. Hoosier Pattern has nearly 100% employee participation in giving back to the United Way. We strive to be leaders not just within our community, but within the industry to advocate how important it is to give back. 100% of money donated goes back into the community to support a number of organizations. Employees that live outside of Adams County have the option of their donations going organizations within their home counties. In Adams County, those organizations include:

- Adams County Council on Aging, Inc
- Adams County Healthy Families
- Adams County Senior Citizens Club - Decatur
- Adams Public Library
- Adams Wells Crisis Center
- Agape Respite Care
- Alive & Well Teens, Inc
- Anthony Wayne Area Council Boy Scouts of America
- Berne Public Library
- Big Brothers Big Sisters
- Boys and Girls Club of Adams County
- C & C Bible Fellowship
- Cancer Services of NE Indiana
- Decatur Operation Help, Inc
- Grace Bible Church - Tiny Treasures of Grace
- Joe & Jane Project
- Junior Achievement of Decatur/Monroe
- North Adams Community Schools
- Safety Park of Adams County, Inc.
- South Adams Summer Swim Club
- The Lords Food Pantry
- The Salvation Army of Adams County

Hoosier Pattern encourages everyone to donate if they have the means. Even something as small as a dollar a week DOES make a difference. With the size of Decatur and the number of programs the United Way is involved in, chances are you know someone that has benefitted from one of these organizations. Together, we can! 


Learn more about the United Way of Adams County here

Watch the full 2018-2019 campaign below

HPI Helps 2 Local Students Build a Prototype for Farmers

Andrew Blomenberg and Morgun Werling are 2 recent graduates of a local school, Bellmont High School. The 2 worked together in Bellmont's Engineering Design and Development (EDD) course to bring a simple concept to a real, functioning prototype. Hoosier Pattern provided the steel needed to create the prototype to the duo for their project. 

Above: Andrew and Morgun pose with HPI owner, Keith Gerber, and their Extendable Drawbar

The prototype is an attachment for farm tractors designed to make it easier to attach wagons and other implements to the tractor. Normally, a farmer would need to precisely position a wagon and tractor so that they can be connected; this often takes several tries and can be quite frustrating. Their design makes the drawbar, or hitch, of the tractor extendable so that the farmer can get his or her tractor close to the correct position and then move the mechanism instead of the entire tractor into the correct position. This dramatically reduces the time necessary to hook up a wagon or other implement. The Extendable Drawbar prototype is currently in use at Werling Farms.

During the EDD course, Blomenberg and Werling found that there was a high demand among farmers nationally for a product like this. The pair may take the next step and produce an actual product based on this prototype. 


Check out this video to see the Extendable Drawbar in action: 

Welcome back, Derek!

If you scroll back through our past news articles, you will come across one titled "Hoosier Pride". In that entry, it states that one of Hoosier Pattern's employees, Derek Scheumann, was getting ready to go on a 6 month tour overseas with his Fort Wayne National Guard unit. Well, we are happy to report that Derek has returned home safely and that is something worth celebrating!

We are grateful for Derek's safe return as well as the wonderful employees we have that came together to repair Derek's truck as a homecoming gift for him. Everyone at HPI admires Derek's work ethic that shines whether he is clocked in here in Decatur or across the globe serving his country. The 'HP' in HPI truly does stand for "Hoosier Pride".

Welcome back, Derek!

Hammer Molds for Bellmont High School

Today, students in Mr. Egly's manufacturing class at Bellmont High School here in Decatur poured hammer molds that were 3D printed with our  Ex One S-Max sand printer.The students got to experience a part of the foundry world while wearing the right protective gear and getting to pour the melted metal into the molds by themselves. Of course, Mr. Egly was there to oversee and make sure everything went smoothly, but the students did a phenomenal job of pouring these molds by themselves.



Here are students, Josh Custer and Alec McDonald, pouring the melted metal into the molds as well as the finished product. It's very cool to see younger generations in our community interested in the foundry world as well as the world of 3D printing. We may have some local foundrymen in the future... good work, students! 

Hoosier Pride

Here at HPI, we like to think that the "HP" stands for Hoosier Pride.

Pride in the products that we create, pride in our community and pride for our employees and all that they do.

Lots of companies like to do all sorts of flashy PR to draw attention to what they do but that's not our style. Folks who work here go about their business quietly, but we need to acknowledge someone who deserves all of our respect and best wishes.

Derek Scheumann does set up work on our CNC machines. Like all the good people here, Derek takes pride in what he does and goes that one step further. Derek is being deployed along with his Fort Wayne National Guard unit for a six month tour overseas. Words cannot convery the admiration, respect and — here's that word again — flat-out, unabashed pride that we all have for one of our own.

So, please join us in wishing Derek godspeed! All across America there are men and women who quietly go about the business of protecting all of us and put themselves in harm's way so that we may enjoy our hard-fought liberty and freedoms. 

But before Derek deployed, we thought we'd send him out with a humdinger of a meat-lovers Smoke Out with all our barbeque masters loading up the tables in the staging area. A good time was had by all, and here are a couple photos to prove it.

Derek is the good-looking one on the right.

HPI and RH Warehouse Donate Funds for Calculators for Bellmont High School

Hoosier Pattern believes that a strong commitment to our local community is an essential part of our corporate philosophy.

After all, strong community ties make for strong business practices.

Hoosier Pattern and RH Warehouse recently donated funds to help with the purchase of graphing calculators for the math department at Bellmont High School.

Pictured are Keith Gerber, owner of Hoosier Pattern; Cindy DesJean, Bellmont High School math department chair (with one of the calculators); and Robin Gerber, owner of RH Warehouse.

HPI Awarded “Mayor’s Choice Booth” at 2014 Chamber of Commerce “Spotlight On Decatur” Event

                   Like our roots in the community of Decatur, our committment to its well being are always strong. This past weekend saw the anuual Chamber of Commerce's "Spotlight On Decatur" event which highlights exhibits and community outreach from a wide spectrum of local businesses and civic organizations. This is a much loved local event which features information booths and opportunities for residents to interact with Decatur based businesses. HPI takes this event seriously and views it as an opportunity to show who we are and what we do. Our exhibition booth this year was awarded the 2014 "Mayor's Choice Booth" and we are grateful for the recognition. HPI's Kelly Gerber is shown receiving the award form Decatur Mayor John Schultz. Thanks Mayor Schultz!