Building our future with Hoosier’s summer internship program

At Hoosier Pattern, we are committed to providing high school and college students opportunities to learn and develop skills that will benefit their personal and professional lives. Over the last few months, Hoosier Pattern has hired three exceptional interns to support our team in managing our customers’ projects. Additionally, we have been working with these students to enhance their technical skills, empowering them to succeed.

Our Marketing Coordinator, Randi Bebout, recently sat down with our interns to gain insight into their experiences working with us.

Current School/Grade
Danee: Ivy Tech Fort Wayne — Sophomore
Lucy: PFW — Freshman
Matteson: Indiana State University — Senior

Why did you choose to work at HPI this summer?
Danee: I worked here last summer and enjoyed the environment and the people, which I believe makes a big difference in liking a job.
Lucy: My grandpa and uncle work at HPI, and they referred me. I have heard a lot of good things about Hoosier Pattern.
Matteson: I heard about the fantastic work environment and the employer’s kindness.

Two interns wearing safety glasses packing and shipping 3D molds and cores to be delivered to their customer.

What type of things are you doing as an intern?
Danee: Cleaning and extracting sand molds and vacuuming loose sand from the job boxes.
Lucy: I have been cleaning and doing extraction and other miscellaneous jobs.
Matteson: I work in the sand room, extracting and cleaning cores and molds.

What have you learned from working at Hoosier Pattern besides the job itself?
Danee: I have learned more about 3D sand printing and what all goes into it.
Lucy: I have learned to work with others.
Matteson: Responsibility, time management, and healthy teamwork.

What do you enjoy about HPI?
Danee: I enjoy the friendly environment, where almost everyone is willing to help you.
Lucy: Everyone is really easy to work with.
Matteson: The work environment and the people.

What are you planning on doing after school/future plans?
Danee: Travel around the US and its territories for a few months.
Lucy: I’m not sure yet, but I want to do something at Sweetwater.
Matteson: Become an elementary school teacher, and one day have a family.

Tell us about yourself:
Danee: I like to stay active. For example, some of my favorite activities are snow skiing, swimming, biking, and most water sports. I want to travel with my family and try new foods.
Lucy: I will be a freshman at PFW this fall. I will be majoring in Electrical Engineering Technology.
Matteson: I am 20 years old. I love to spend time with friends and family doing what I love.

What are your hobbies outside of work?
Danee: Swimming, biking, walking, crocheting, gardening
Lucy: Music – I am in 3 bands. I play guitar in them all. I also enjoy collecting records.
Matteson: Reading, playing piano, ukulele, gardening, baking, cooking, sewing, knitting, and crocheting.

Is your student or teenage child from the Adams or Wells County, Indiana, area?

If they are and want to learn more about a technical trade career, please watch this short video from the Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance.

The Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance is searching for enthusiastic students willing to invest in their future by taking manufacturing internships, apprenticeships, and careers. Our group comprises local businesses, educators, and government officials committed to enhancing Northeast Indiana’s workforce. We aim to equip high school students with the required skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in the construction and manufacturing industries.

To learn more about the Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance, please click here.