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June 2021 News

Students Get Hands-On Experience Using Some Hoosier Pattern Molds

Earlier this year, Hoosier Pattern participated in the Metalcasting Congress conference. We had a virtual booth full of pictures and information for potential visitors to better understand what we do. During this event, a high school teacher named Christopher Gallagher found us and thought of a great hands-on opportunity for his students.

Mr. Gallagher is the manufacturing instructor at Granite Falls High School, located in Granite Falls, Washington. He reached out to Hoosier Pattern for some sample molds for his introductory class on manufacturing. This class consists of students from 14 to 17 years old, and Mr. Gallagher’s goal for all of his students was to get a real-life foundry experience.

After speaking with Mr. Gallagher, Hoosier Pattern sent sample pouring men molds to his class. Next, these students applied bronze powder coats donated by a local Granite Falls powder coater to these molds.

After Mr. Gallagher and another experienced student poured all the molds, students got to deburr, and sandblast their castings and were very excited to see the whole process from start to finish. Comments by the students included “Wow! These are so cool!” and “This is the most fun I have had all year!”

Below are pictures of the Granite Fall students provided by Mr. Gallagher.


Thank you, Mr. Gallagher, for reaching out to us to participate in your class project! Hoosier Pattern enjoys any opportunity to help educate students and give them a taste of the foundry experience. We believe that skilled trades are essential to our economy, workforce, and communities. It is inspiring to see these careers taught at such a young age.


A New Doosan Machining Center to Kick off Summer at HPI

Last month we added a new Doosan machining center to the shop floor. Lead CAM supervisor, Tony Uhrick, commented on the new machine saying: 

"This is our third Doosan DNM5700.  We have found this machine to fit our shop well for its size both inside and out.  It has a rather small footprint and that helps on shop floor space.  As for travel, we are able to use the large table and the travel size (X41" x Y22.25") to machine a lot to the parts and tools our customers' request. 

  We have grown very fond of the quality we receive from our Doosan machining centers in accuracy, speed, and surface quality.  All of this together helps us give our customers the high-quality tools they expect in shorter lead times."

Everything we do at Hoosier Pattern is always done with our customers in mind and this new addition is no different. We will continue to lead the way within the industry by constantly growing and adding new technologies to help better serve our customers and take their projects to the next level. 

Our Facility Now Has Multiple Machining Centers Including:

Vertical Machining Up to 60" x 100"

Horizontal Machining Up to 49" x 40" x 34"

(2) CNC Lathes

A Brand-New 5-Axis Mill

Plate Saws Up to 36" x 60" x 120"

(4) 3D Sand Printers In-House for Sand Molds and Cores

Click here to learn about all of our capabilities. 

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