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March 2021 News

Norwell student job shadows at Hoosier Pattern

Hoosier Pattern is a strong advocate for offering students the opportunity to have a skilled trade education because both our students and our company win. Hoosier Pattern’s success relies on our employees and Journeyman Patternmakers to be appropriately trained and skilled at what they do in order to deliver premium products to our customers. We are a founding member of The Adams Wells Manufacturing Alliance. This local organization goes into local schools to help educate students, parents, and staff on the benefits of skilled trade jobs and open local positions.

Due to the pandemic last year, we unable to have any open houses or high school classes come in for shop tours, which was a disappointment for us and students interested in these skilled fields. Luckily, we’ve reached the stage to allow visitors to come in while taking the proper safety precautions. With these procedures in place, we have asked a local student to job shadow with us earlier this month!

Zander Huss is a Junior at Norwell High School and is interested in a career in industrial maintenance after he graduates from high school. Zander job shadowed with Hoosier Pattern’s John Reed for the day, and here is what Zander had to say about his experience:

What do you plan to do after graduation?
Get a 2-year degree in applied mechanics or industrial maintenance. 

What drew you to job shadowing at Hoosier Pattern? Have you been here before?
My shop teacher, Jerod Dailey, suggested this was an excellent place to shadow for the day. I’ve never been to Hoosier Pattern until yesterday. 

What did you expect Hoosier Pattern to be like? Was it different than you expected? What surprised you?
I expected it to be a machine shop, with several facets of an operation, because that’s what most shops are like. It was what I expected, but every shop has its own taste. I liked how the supervisors and “bosses” worked with their employees. 

What were some of the interesting things you saw or did?
Assisting John Reed in replacing vacuum pipes was interesting because my last job shadow never let me get hands-on. 

Why did this career path interest you?
I get the satisfaction of working a different job every day and knowing how to do many tasks. 

Have you in the past, or are you currently taking any classes to further your career path?
Yes, Jerod Dailey’s Precision Machining Class at South Adams HS

Hoosier Pattern would like to thank Zander for spending his day here and Jerod Dailey for working alongside us to continue promoting skilled trade careers to our local students.

If you or someone you know is interested in job shadowing at Hoosier Pattern – please contact Alyssa Corral at She will contact the appropriate personal and supervisors for the position you are interested in.

Happy Retirement, Linda!

Our group at Hoosier Pattern has always valued gathering. We love having group lunches, we do multiple carry-ins a year and we choose to spend our time outside of work together a couple of times every year for large group gatherings with our families. 2020 put a halt to all of that but today, for the first time in over a year, we were able to finally gather as a group (safely, and still distanced of course) and enjoy some great food and celebrate a little bit. 800 Degrees Wood Fired Pizza brought their mobile pizza oven to Decatur to make some fresh wood-fired pizza for us which was phenomenal! Employee, Bob Chavarria’s daughter, Jessica, made some gorgeous cupcakes for the event as well.

The first order of business was recognizing milestone anniversaries. Mark Bodnar celebrated 15 years, Phillip Conner celebrated 10 years, and Troy Howe and Linda Wilson both celebrated 5 years at Hoosier Pattern.

Above: Mark Bodnar, Troy Howe, and Linda Wilson being recognized for their milestone anniversaries. Not pictured: Phil Conner

After anniversaries were recognized, we had a special celebration of an employee, Linda Wilson. After 5 years at Hoosier Pattern, Linda is retiring. Linda started in 2015 and has been one of the voices you will hear answering phones and one of the friendly faces that greets you in the lobby if you are visiting. Linda has done various types of office work at Hoosier Pattern and it is bittersweet to see her retiring! Since Linda has been at Hoosier Pattern, we have watched her become a grandma for the first and second time!

Above: Linda in her retirement sash, being presented with a gift from Hoosier Pattern and Linda with her son, Spencer who also works at Hoosier Pattern
Linda, it has been a joy to work alongside you and we wish you the most relaxing retirement! We know you will be enjoying it spoiling your grandbabies and getting to the beach whenever you can. Happy Retirement Day, you’ve earned it!

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