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September 2014 News

3D Printing - The Facts from Develop3D

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional in the 3d printing world this magazine is a must read.  Develop3d is a "print and digital resource which tracks the essential technologies used throughout the entire product development process." Their March 2014 issue featured a 40 page special report "3D Printing For the Professional" .There is a lot of info packed in to a few pages. Everything from breaking down each type of machine, various practices for handling data, building a 3D printing business, to the future of printing.  Be sure to subscribe to recieve their free magazine subscription to keep up with the latest in engineering and design technology! 

Also check out this quirky conversation about 3d printing below with Al Dean of Develop3D, Josh of, and Adam of

Results with 3-D Printing

At the beginning of the year Composites World relased an article where the European based company Airbus reported on how 3-D printing would revolutionize their planes. They spoke on how the use of 3-D printed improves efficiency and lead time as well as allowing for significant weight reduction. Some companies are starting to jump on board while others are being left behind.  Many companies are afraid to take the plunge into this new technology fearing 3-D printing isn't at par with the parts they are recieving now. What they are missing is there are many processes out such as 3-D sand printing that give companies the same structurally sound parts they recive now.  

Check out the short article Airbus expands use of additive manufacturing and watch the video below.

Additive Manufacturing’s Future

We're fascinated by this video we came across with Pete Zelinski, Senior Editor for Modern Machine Shop and Editor-In-Chief for Additive Manufacturing. He's speaking about trends and answering questions about the future of additive manufacturing:

Zelinski really hits the nail on the head when he says additive manufacturings growth relies on "designers becoming more aware of the freedoms and possibilities that additive manufacturing brings them."  

Take a quick minute to watch this short video and see if additive manufacturing needs to be in your future. And, if you happen to be headed to Chicago this week for the International Manufacturing Technology Show this week, be sure to stop by the Additive Manufacturing Center at Booth W-10. 

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