“Pouring Man” Casting Winner

HPI offered all the attendees at the recent 118th Metalcasting Congress an opportunity to win a handsome bronze casting of our iconic "Pouring Man." The casting is from a sand mold created by our very own S-Max™ 3D printer. Seen in the photo are (left) HPI's Nate Chavarria, Lead CAD Designer, presenting the cast to (right) Kyle Patterson.

Here's what Kyle had to say: "First off, thank you for the pouring man cast model. I am a junior majoring in Manufacturing Technology at the University of Northern Iowa with an emphasis in Metalcasting and plan to graduate May 2015. I certainly do plan to work in the metalcasting field after graduation, but as of now I do not know in what area of the field since there is such a wide variety of options. I am also the president of our AFS student chapter."

Thanks to Kyle and all the folks who stopped by our booth at The Congress. See you next year!

HPI Teams with Bellmont High School Students for Super Milage Challenge

The Super Mileage Challenge is held annually by the Indiana Math Science Technology and Engineering Alliance. It challenges teams to build a one-person, fuel efficient vehicle based around a one-cylinder, four-cycle engine. Last semester Catherine Sondgerath's Bellmont High School students spent 5-6 weeks developing a detailed design proposal that included calculations for rolling friction, aerodynamic drag, and cornering forces. Their design concept is based on having a light weight, low friction vehicle that is aerodynamic and evenly distributes weight between its three tires. This year the challenge is being held on April 28th at the Lucas Oil Raceway.

Hoosier Pattern and Goldshield helped by taking the 3D CAD model the students created, made a mold and made their fiberglass body. Hoosier Pattern also helped with making some of the custom parts. Money received from the Adams County Community foundation was used to help buy the engine, spare parts and tires. Bellmont High School also received donations from K-K Tool and Pretzels Inc. This is Catherine and the students' first year competing in the competition. She had this to say about the project,  "It has been a great learning experience and challenge which we have all enjoyed. We greatly appreciate all of the community support as this project would have been impossible without our sponsors."

 Here are the names of everyone in the photos:

 Left to right: Back row: Catherine Sondgerath Bellmont HS teacher, HPI's  Phillip Bauman, Ryan Seddelmeyer, and Todd Yoder. Jeff Newport, Tom Westerlund, Jeff Condon, Brandon Brown, Korbin Marbaugh, Jerry Hart, Drake Gillespie, Alec Grose, Denver Smith, Alex Johnson. Front row: Justin Blanford, Dee Girod, Mason Averill, Mason Mendez, Parker Burkhalter, Austin Garrison, Spencer Morris

HPI’s Dave Rittmeyer at the118th Metalcasting Congress

Hoosier Pattern's Dave Rittmeyer will be on the "Molding Methods & Materials" panel which is part of the "Additive Manufacturing for Metal Casting Applications" presentation at the 118th Metalcasting Congress.  The panel will be  discussing the state of 3D printings technology, review basic design freedom and discuss current programs to utilize this technology. The panel meets on Wed. April 9th at The Renaissance Hotel, Schaumberg, IL. Dave will be presenting Case Studies in Printing Cores and Molds.

Visit us at The 118th Metalcasting Congress

The 118th Metalcasting Congress

The 118th Metalcasting Congress will be held this week April 8-11, 2014, at the Renaissance Hotels & Convention Center, Schaumburg, Ill.
This event is held every year in the spring and consists of technical sessions, awards banquets, a table-top exhibition show and Cast in North America (an exhibit opportunity for metalcasters to showcase their capabilities to casting buyers).

HPI will be exhibiting at Booths #336-338

HPI Shop Supervisor, Dave Rittmeyer will be speaking on Wed. April 9th between 2pm-5pm.

HPI Trade Show Participation Calendar

Hoosier Pattern Inc. takes their show on the road this spring with booth exhibitions showcasing their capabilities and speaking engagements at two major events.

The 118th Metalcasting Congress

The 118th Metalcasting Congress will be held April 8-11, 2014, at the Renaissance Hotels & Convention Center, Schaumburg, Ill.
Metalcasting Congress is held every year in the spring and consists of technical sessions, awards banquets, a table-top exhibition show and Cast in North America (an exhibit opportunity for metalcasters to showcase their capabilities to casting buyers).

HPI will be exhibiting and be sure to come visit them at Booth #336-338

HPI Shop Supervisor, Dave Rittmeyer will be speaking on Wed. April 9th between 2pm-5pm.

Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference
April 6-10, 2014 Tucson, AZ

Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) educates and advances the uses and applications of additive manufacturing technologies. This event brings together both users of additive manufacturing and technology providers to showcase capabilities and new technologies.

HPI will be exhibiting with a booth showcasing our new ExOne S-Max™ 3D Sand Printer and information about our various services.

HPI’s Steve Murray will also be moderating discussions at the conference.

Hoosier Pattern will also be on the road in June including the SME RAPID Conference & Exposition held in Detroit June 9th-12th . Details will be provided in a follow up Newsletter in May.

HPI Awarded “Mayor’s Choice Booth” at 2014 Chamber of Commerce “Spotlight On Decatur” Event

                   Like our roots in the community of Decatur, our committment to its well being are always strong. This past weekend saw the anuual Chamber of Commerce's "Spotlight On Decatur" event which highlights exhibits and community outreach from a wide spectrum of local businesses and civic organizations. This is a much loved local event which features information booths and opportunities for residents to interact with Decatur based businesses. HPI takes this event seriously and views it as an opportunity to show who we are and what we do. Our exhibition booth this year was awarded the 2014 "Mayor's Choice Booth" and we are grateful for the recognition. HPI's Kelly Gerber is shown receiving the award form Decatur Mayor John Schultz. Thanks Mayor Schultz!

Pump Castings Using 3-D Printing

The March issue of "Pumps & Systems" a monthly magazine who deliver relevant industry news coverage and powerful technical information to 42,500 BPA-qualified managers, engineers, operators and maintenance professionals around the world has an article by HPI's Steve Murray. Steve talks about how 3-D printing can positively impact pump castings and eliminate the need for core boxes: "By producing a core that does not require a core box, the design and efficiency rule and are not constrained by manufacturability of the foundry tooling. This is not an all-or-nothing technology. It must be used with existing processes or as a standalone. Pump manufacturers and end users should incorporate it when and where it makes sense."  Steve discusses in depth the impact that 3-D printing can have on Pump Component Molds. Also, there are some great photos of sand core impellers. Check it out

Cannon Goes Light with Steel Alloy

It was good to see our customer and collaborator H.A. Burrow Pattern Works Inc., of Silesia, Montana in the February 2014 issue of Modern Casting Magazine.

Gary Burrow, the owner of H.A. Burrow Pattern Works, is a progressive in the use of technology to get the job done.  Whether it is SLA or 3-D Print technology Gary uses the best technology that makes economic sense to get quality results and on time delivery.

Gary's a great partner to work with.  Be sure to check out his article here Cannon Goes Light With Alloy Steel and get in touch with Gary or myself and find out how additive manufacturing can help with your troublesome project.

We thrive on the challenge to make the best use of technology to make castings.

Sand Printing’s Side Benefit

Hoosier Pattern, Inc.'s ExOne S-Max 3D Sand Printer has such a large job box, we can often print fun little projects like this foundryman figurine, at no time cost to the client. Sand Printing's Side Benefit

In Pete Zelinski's blog in the February 3, 2014 on-line issue of "Modern Machine Shop" he outlines in great detail how HPI's 3D Sand Printer serves multiple purposes:

"Initially, Hoosier Pattern’s team members added simple blocks to provide the spacing. But why be so plain? In 3D printing, a complex form is just as easy to generate as a simple one. Therefore, the company began using the geometry of this foundry industry symbol as a spacer instead. When the engineer needs to vertically separate two jobs, he pulls in this figurine’s geometry and positions it between the different CAD models. That means numerous figurines might be produced in the course of running any batch of parts. The result has been an abundance of the figures, which the company gives away at trade shows and other events." [Link]

We at HPI are very fond of The Classic Foundryman. It reminds us that no matter how advanced the technology gets that the end process remains fundamental and iconic.

Check out the full article. | Modern Machine Shop Blog by Peter Zelinski

Save 15% On Your Sand Printing Order During HPI’s Blazing Hot WINTER SALE

HPI recently purchased the ExOne™S-Max™ 3D sand printer and this has greatly expanded our capabilities to provide our clients with complex printed sand cores and molds. Traditional tooling is no long needed to make your prototype castings. Some, if not all, assembly of core packages can also be eliminated when using our 3D printer. Send us your 3D CAD files for a quote to see what Additive Manufacturing can do to add to your bottom line.

We are confident that you will want to experience firsthand what the S-Max™ 3D sand printer can do for you and your customers. We encourage you to take advantage of our WINTER SALE of 15% off all 3D printing. Print just a core package and use in an existing mold/pattern configuration, or print a mold-core package with a gating design buiilt-in. Any combination, any printing is 15% off. No easier or cheaper way to try as a first time customer or as a returning client to get more for your money.

Call 260-724-9430 and ask for Keith Gerber or Dave Rittmeyer and they will get you a fast quote. Or call Steve Murray at 574-210-5934 to talk about the technology and how to apply Additive technology to your situation.