21st Anniversary Printed Sand Sale!

Hoosier Pattern celebrated 21 years as a company on November 10th and although there are multiple contributors to how we got here, it wouldn’t be possible without quality customers and loyal partnerships. Hoosier is extending the anniversary celebration to include customers by having an anniversary sale on 3D sand printed projects. 15% off will be given to projects that are printed using silica sand, our standard 2 week lead time and with a minimum printing order of $1000. This sale does not include CAD and engineering time, specialty media or expedited orders.


Now is the perfect opportunity to get those end of year projects started. Purchase orders must be received between November 16th and December 16th to qualify for this promotion. To request a quote or place an order contact orders@hoosierpattern.com or upload your files through our secure web portal: https://hoosierpattern.com/send-a-file


Best Uses for 3D Printing


Sand printed molds and cores can only be used once, which makes them the perfect option for prototypes. If you have more than one design for a potential part, prototyping can be used to determine which mold or casting is the best option. All of the designs can be sand printed quickly, simultaneously, and at a cheaper cost. Each mold will be individually identified, which prevents confusion when it reaches the customer. Since all 3D printed sand parts start with a CAD file, parts can also easily be tweaked and re-printed.

Low Volume Production

The term “low volume” can be defined differently by every company. We define “low volume” as anywhere from 10-500 units per year. It may not be the best choice for a company to invest in the traditional tooling process if a part will only be used for a short amount of time. Sand printing may be the best option for smaller or temporary projects.

Strict Deadlines

Sand printing is the best choice when projects require a fast turnaround. At Hoosier Pattern, many of our employees have a foundry background, so we understand how critical deadlines can be. Our standard turnaround time for 3D sand prints is 10 days. This is 10 days from the time the order is placed to the time the project will be back on the foundry floor.

Our 10-day turnaround time has changed the game for many of our customers. In the past, it could have taken several months for a tool to be completed and reach a foundry. After we receive the CAD file, we plug it into a job box. Our job box is roughly the size of an average refrigerator and takes 20-22 hours to print. Because this turnaround time is so fast, we are sometimes able to do rush orders. Our employees do everything they can to ensure a customer has their product when they need it.