3D Sand Printing

Take Your Project to the Next Level

Reduce costs and lead times with Hoosier Pattern's innovative 3D sand printing process

Do you have a project but don't have the resources to model it? With Hoosier Pattern's 3D sand printers, we bring your designs to life. With our on-demand sand management system, our printhead distributes resin onto thin layers of specially engineered sand that develops accurate, uniform cores, which rapidly reduces lead time, saving you thousands of dollars. If you can design it, we can build it.

The benefits of 3D Sand Printing:

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True Design Freedom

We are confident that you will want to experience firsthand what our 3D sand printer can do for you. We encourage you to contact us to see what our team can do for your next project.

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From Design to Reality Without the Middleman

Design and print complex geometry, bypassing the fabrication of tooling to create the core or mold, typical of conventional casting methods.

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Drastically Reduce Lead Times

With a dramatically increased design freedom and the ability to scale production volumes easily, delivery can happen in days — not weeks or months.

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Expertly-trained and knowledgeable team members

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Significantly reduces your project's lead times

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Bring your designs to life with our CAD team's experience

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Streamline process, we eliminate the middle man

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If you can dream it, we can build it — give us a call

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Our innovative 3D process can save you thousands

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We Are Hoosier Pattern

At Hoosier Pattern, we believe that innovation drives productivity. We have always relied on these practices to deliver on-time and premium-quality products to our customers throughout the United States and worldwide. We understand that industries are evolving, and staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements is an essential part of our success. Even though innovation is the driving force behind our product development, our commitment to manufacturing excellence will forever remain our highest priority. Regardless of how big or small your project's size is, we will continue to be committed to manufacturing excellence.

When it comes to 3D Sand Printing here's how we can help:

Decrease Lead Times | We streamline our entire process by using sand casting molds and cores directly from our CAD designs.

Experience | Trust our experienced CAD team members and our expertly-trained staff members who have worked with foundries for decades.

Reduce Cost | Cost analysis of 3D sand printing is our top priority, saving your company thousands of dollars in setup and other associated costs.

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Scale your

At Hoosier Pattern, no job too small or too big. We currently have one of the world's largest printing job boxes. Our 3D sand printer's job box has a build envelope of 70.86 x 39.37 x 27.56 inches. If you're ready to scale your project up effortlessly, contact Hoosier Pattern today and speak with one of our experienced project managers.

We have even printed mold sections that were used in a mold the size of a full-size van.

See How Hoosier Pattern Has Helped Other Companies Like Yours...

Hoosier Pattern has been an excellent resource for our rapid prototyping mold needs. Just the idea of a 3D printed core is awesome, but the team at Hoosier has perfected the process making the whole experience awesome! The price, turnaround time, and customer service cannot be beat. For all your rapid prototyping mold needs, look no further than Hoosier Pattern!

— Johnathan Thomas, Magnuson Products LLC

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Call us or fill out our contact form today to receive a free
quote for your next 3D Sand Printing project.

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