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Hoosier Pattern's Excellent Relationship with Foundries

We have a network of foundries that we work with for the many types of metals that can be cast. If a customer has a foundry they prefer, we will gladly work with the customer's foundry of choice to bring the project to life. 

At Hoosier Pattern, we work very closely with foundries on every project to ensure that all projects keep moving forward and customers' needs are met. 

With our ability to perform GoToMeetings on the fly, our employees are able to spot any areas of concern and not just build tooling but give customers suggestions or help audit designs. 

What gives us the edge over competitors is that we employ several employees that have worked at foundries. Their experience brings awareness to foundry needs and helps us better understand foundries and their needs. 

Whether it's cope and drag, match plates, 3D printed sand molds, cores and molds, or various isocure and hot boxes, we service a wide range of foundry tooling. 

We work hand-in-hand with their foundry customers to provide the best support from concept to production. 

Utilizing the knowledge of a wide range of molding machinery all angles of a new job are approached to assure our customers that each tool is ready to run on the desired equipment before it leaves our shop.

We encourage early involvement in new projects to help bring "out of the box" concepts and cost-effective solutions to the design process.

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