REGARDING COVID-19: Hoosier Pattern has decided to limit face to face meetings with customers and visitors and will be heavily utilizing the use of teleconferencing and web meetings with customers until further notice. It is our goal to not only keep our employees safe but to keep visitors safe by limiting contact.

Serving the Agriculture Industry

Hoosier Pattern is conveniently located in the northeast region of Indiana, more specifically-- Decatur, Indiana. Being in the midwest we have gained a better understanding of how important the Agriculture Industry is. The Agriculture Industry provides millions with employment opportunities and plays a big part in food security for the nation.

How Hoosier Pattern Can Help

While the Agriculture Industry keeps the world moving, there are many different pieces of the puzzle that help the Agriculture Industry moving. Equipment like tractors, combines, harvesters, cultivators, balers and many others are just a few pieces of the puzzle that make farming possible. Often times these machines require large parts and when you need a replacement part, Hoosier Pattern is ready to help with capabilities that have no size limit.

Not only is Hoosier Pattern able to work with any requested size but their 3D printed molds and cores have flexibility when it comes to the metals used. Hoosier will work with you to find the foundry that matches your needs when it comes to quantity and type of alloy you are looking to have cast. If you already have a foundry you regularly use, Hoosier will work hand in hand with them to make sure they feel comfortable using the 3D printed sand and make sure they have support when it comes to working with this newer technology. 

Understanding the Industry

With a greater understanding of the Agriculture industry, Hoosier Pattern knows that time is of the essence when it comes to farming. Our state of the art technology allows for quantities and sizes to be changed quickly to help better the efficiency on the farm.

Hoosier Pattern can have your 3D sand printed molds and cores for your equipment to a foundry in as little as 2 weeks to get you back in your machine and out in the fields as quick as possible. Contact us today to see how we can help you.