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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

Need something cast in a hurry?

No time to machine a pattern or core box?

Maybe you just want a couple of pieces of a new prototype or a variation of an existing casting.

Hoosier Pattern has you covered.

We can print a complete sand mold or just a core.  Whatever material you need cast can be poured into the printed mold or the printed core can be placed into your traditional mold.  You can completely skip the machining of traditional tooling by having us use our ExOne S-Max™ to print some sand for you!

We have used this technology to go from a casting model to casting in our customer's hands in days.  We worked with the foundry to get the proper gating modeled and then printed the mold over night.  The second day we cleaned and delivered the mold to the foundry.  The third day the foundry poured the iron into the mold in the morning.  Our customer picked them up that afternoon. 

Not every job can be done in this time frame, but for some this is very possible.

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