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Hoosier Pattern Apprenticeship Program

Hoosier Pattern is registered with the U.S. Department of Labor for our apprenticeship program.  It consists of 10,000 working hours, over a five-year time frame, and twelve classes taken at IVY Tech Community College.  Apprentices generally start out in the shop helping set-up jobs in the CNC machining centers. Shortly after they start they will join a rotation where they learn how to bench and assemble tooling. While rotating into the benching department apprentices will learn how to properly operate manual mills and lathes. Further into their program, as they progress, they will then rotate into the quality room and begin learning how to operate the CMM and laser scanner. In the third to fourth year, an apprentice will have the opportunity to start learning to program the machining centers using Cimatron.  In the fifth year, after learning about tooling and Cimatron, they will be introduced to modeling tooling. 

Upon completion of their apprenticeship, the new journeymen will be utilized throughout the shop in every department they are needed.  Eventually, they will settle into a department where their skills, passion, and company needs are met.  For some, it may be the benching/rigging department, and for others, it may be the CAM or CAD department.  Wherever the new journeyman starts, they will be encouraged to continue to grow in their knowledge which will continue to make them a more valuable asset to Hoosier Pattern.

Jim discovered how much he enjoyed Computer-Aided Design or CAD while taking industrial classes in high school and was given the opportunity later in life to revisit it. He began working for Hoosier Pattern where he continues to learn with the technology constantly evolving and becoming more efficient.

Jim Geimer – Journeyman Patternmaker

Benefits of an Apprenticeship with Hoosier Pattern

  • Competitive starting wage
  • Medical insurance, paid vacations, and holidays
  • Company matched retirement contributions
  • Quarterly raises as you work through your apprenticeship
  • Apprenticeship classes paid for with a "B" or better grade
  • Company supplied shirts

"Textbook knowledge is one thing, but to have an experience that goes from cleaning machines, setting up CNC's, programming machines, creating 3D models, running CMM/scanning your own work to benching and assembling entire jobs is true knowledge.  This is exactly what you get with Hoosier Pattern's apprenticeship program.  Every employee who graduates from this program is well versed in machine shop knowledge with desirable skills in the machine tool industry.  A true All-Around Patternmaker."

- Nate Chavarria, Graduate of HPI's Apprentice Program and Team Member Since 2007

Skills Required:

  • Basic math
  • Blueprint reading
  • Basic measuring skills
  • Basic welding
  • Problem-solving
  • Be able to communicate effectively 
  • Understand manufacturing terminology - radius, diameter, centerline, etc.

"Out of high school, this is a great way to excel in the trade to learn both from a college-level classroom/workshop atmosphere to a fast-paced work environment. Each new apprentice is offered the schooling paid for with the understanding that he/she must complete each class with a “B” letter grade or better. Upon completing the Hours and Classes the apprentice has experienced time in the many different areas and skill sets at Hoosier Pattern to make them a well-rounded candidate to fill a spot as an All-Around Patternmaker."

- Phillip Bauman, Journeyman Patternmaker and Team Member at HPI since 2012

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