About Us
We Are Hoosier Pattern We Believe In What We Do

In November 1997, Keith Gerber (now sole owner) and two others opened Hoosier Pattern Inc. in Decatur, IN.  Over the years HPI has built great relations in the manufacturing industry and invested in new equipment and technology to provide unparalleled service. Today, Hoosier employs almost 50 men and women and has expanded its facility to meet customers’ current and future needs.

Since opening its doors Hoosier Pattern has seen continual growth in the pattern making business.  Known for its reputation of quality workmanship and commitment to “On Time Delivery,” HPI has gained recognition as a premier pattern shop.

With some of the latest tools in technology HPI is able to provide you with the best in quality, pricing and timing.  A highly knowledgeable and experienced staff will assist your company with “out of the box concepts” for your every need.

Hoosier encourages constant research for new products and procedures to stay profitable and further our capabilities.  The most recent additions of a laser scanner and Rapid Prototype Sand Printer truly puts Hoosier Pattern on the cutting edge of technology.

Hoosier employees take pride in the work they do and the quality of any job that leaves the shop reflects that dedication to quality. The depth of knowledge that the HPI team has gives them the upper hand to their competitors. Several employees have worked at foundries and that experience brings awareness to the urgency foundries face every day. The HPI staff is well-educated and up-to-date in their knowledge of CNC machines, hardware and software that allow HPI to cater to customers' needs.

HPI strives for excellence on every job they take and to Hoosier Pattern, "on-time delivery" means just that. If they promise it, they deliver no matter what the cost. HPI works very closely with their customers tooling managers and project engineers. HPI's background in and ability to perform GoToMeeting events on the fly keeps all projects moving forward to meet customer needs. Hoosier is able to "red-flag" areas of concern, and not just build tooling but give customers suggestions or help audit designs. This interaction has been noticed by current customers, and enables more collaborative in providing tooling.